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Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora plan joint Topshop clothing line

by Lareese Craig ,
Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora plan joint Topshop clothing line© GETTY

Cara Delevingne and her "wifey" Rita Ora are the most fashionable BBFs around, so to hear that they’ve been in hot fashion discussions with Chloe Green is getting us all fired up. The dynamic duo are hoping to launch a joint clothing line with high street kingpin Topshop. Are we the only ones clutching at our lucky clovers with crossed fingers?

Fashion twins Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora are reportedly thinking about launching a joint clothing line with Topshop.

And the pair are hoping to enlist Chloe Green - daughter of Topshop boss Philip Green - as their personal 'Gok Wan'.

A source told the Sun newspaper: “Rita and Cara have been talking about the idea for weeks now. Cara has great fashion industry contacts and Rita loves her clothes and keeps up with trends.”

With their bursting fashion resumés, this model-songstress collaboration is not to be missed.

The source added: "They think a line could compete with those released by Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

"Rita’s become increasingly matey with Chloe Green and has mentioned the idea to her in the hope that she might help get it to her dad, Topshop boss Philip."

We’ve got so caught up in all this fashion talk that we’re already plotting what their clothing line will look like when it arrives (wishful thinking, obviously).

It goes without saying that snap-back caps and tomboy beanies will be thrown into the mega mix and as for footwear, happening hi-tops are definitely on the agenda.

Add in some all-important go-hard-or-go-home prints (the brighter the better), ab-tastic crop tops, tailored androgynous suits and statement bombers and that’s pretty much a Cara meets Rita couture collision.

As well as their laid-back prowess, the BFFs also know how to rock a mean red carpet ensemble with Cinderella frocks and glamourpuss gowns aplenty.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be pampering our pores with their make-up, too.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but who better to make us buzz about beauty than Mrs Brows herself and the red lippy Queen?

Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora in talks with Topshop © Getty
Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora in talks with Topshop
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Lareese Craig
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