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Doesn't Pick Your Nose: Perfect Boyfriend Rules According To 6 Year Old Girl

by Ursula Dewey Published on 06/02/2014 at 18:00
Doesn't Pick Your Nose: Perfect Boyfriend Rules According To 6 Year Old Girl © Twitter

We all have a check list for our perfect man right? But two little girls from America have gotten their perfect boyfriend wish list all set out in good time. They may only be six and nine years old but they know exactly what they want in a man - and it's not far off from being right on target.

Brooke, 9, and Blair, 6, have come up with a list of 30 foolproof rules for their future boyfriends, and while they may be young, they know a good man when they see one. Their checklist is bang on and we're using it to figure out whether our other halves are up to scratch, or if the guys we're dating are worth another shot.

With criteria like 'good handwriting' and 'nice jewellery' he's got to be in touch with his feminine side, but he's also got to be able to 'look after pets', be a 'good cook', 'clean' and of course, he's gotta 'like children.' While all of this might sound like mummy criteria, these girls are looking for a man who's good around the house, but knows how to show them a good time. To do this he should be 'taking them nice places' and be hilariously funny. Most of all he's gotta have respect for you, for 'YOUR job', for his parents and for his body.

Their pretty in pink list covers everything from personality to personal hygiene. And while it's probable their parents won't let them date any time soon, it always helps to be prepared.

God we wish we were this productive when we hang out with our girlfriends. It's time to revive the sleepover. ​

Boyfriend rules:

Boyfriend Rules? Here's the new checklist to swear by (it's kiddy approved). We love the train of thought these girls have going on (likes parents - but NOT living with parents - important difference):

1. Nice handwriting
2. Cuteness
3. Likes parents
4. Not living with parents
5. Good manners
6. Good artist
7. Dresses well
8. Takes you nice places
9. Nice place
10. Likes children/wants children
11. Nice jewellery
12. Listens
13. Don't pick your nose
14. No kissing on first date
15. Marry someone who respects you
16. Smart
17. Good cook
18. Has a good job
19. Always happy
20. Clean
21. Respects different religions
22. Last name not weird
23. Very fun
24. Makes you laugh
25. Eats healthy
26. Takes care of body
27. Doesn't tattle tale
28. Brushes teeth and floss
29. Likes YOUR job
30. Takes care of pet

Girls we literally couldn't have put it better ourselves. Remember if anyone ever tries to pick your nose, he's a goner. Got any more boyfriend rules to add? Tweet us @sofeminineUK​

Ursula Dewey
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