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Everything You Need To Know About Penis Fractures

by Adrián Martín ,
Everything You Need To Know About Penis Fractures

Penis fracture is not a rupture of the bone (there is no bone in the penis)! It's a rupture of the tunica albuginea, the thick coat surrounding the penis. It happens when the erect penis is excessively bent.

When does it happen?

During a sexual act, if penetration is difficult or forced, a significant pressure is exerted on the penis and this can cause a ‘cracking’ sound, which is a bad sign. This sexual faux pas is the main cause of the fracture of the penis (the other being masturbation).

The symptoms

In addition to the ‘crack’ caused by the rupture, penis fracture is accompanied by intense pain. The penis is deformed and the testicles will quickly swell. A haematoma (lump) will appear a few minutes later.

What to do

See a doctor as quickly as possible. While waiting for emergency services, cover the haematoma with ice covered in a cloth. It's best to stop what you were doing and get to hospital fast. It's also important (however embarrassing) to describe the circumstances in detail so that the doctor fully understands the problem.


In order to limit the consequences, quick surgery is needed to remove the haematoma and repair the tear. Afterwards, the penis is immobilsed in a bandage to aid healing. Taking analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication can also help recuperation. No sex is recommended until the penis has completely healed. If all these steps are followed then there should be no consequences for future sexual relations and no anatomical deformity.

If you don’t seek medical assistance...

The penis will still heal if no medical intervention is performed, however the damage to the erectile tissue can cause a loss in its biomechanical properties. This means he could experience erection problems. The painful haematoma can last a lot longer, and there is also a strong possibility that the penis will remain bent in the direction of the fracture. In short, get it sorted quickly!

Adrián Martín
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