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Sugar Daddies: How Far Would You Go For A Sugar Daddy?

by Maria Bell ,
Sugar Daddies: How Far Would You Go For A Sugar Daddy?

Times are hard and we could all do with a bit of extra cash, but how far would you really go for that designer handbag?

Sugar Daddies | How far would you go for a sugar daddy?

You might think that sugar daddy dating is all a bit of a joke but in reality this kind of thing happens and a lot more than you would think.

Take Cannes for instance, exclusive holiday destination for the wealthy and beautiful but behind closed doors there are plenty of women that go there to party and pick up something a little extra...

The term 'sugar daddy' has become slang used to describe the relationship between an older, affluent (and generous) man with a younger woman. But the growing trend to find sugar daddies of all ages can be seen through the appearance of many a dating site advertising 'Sugar Daddy Dating'.

But dating a Sugar Daddy is not to be taken lightly, there are plenty of things that can go a bit haywire - not least your grip on reality.

The upside is that you get all these beautiful things for free (ish) usually from someone who sees you as more than a piece of meat, but the downside is that there is normally a sell-by date...

So if you're more interested in the bulge in his pocket than the one in his pants than there are a few things to clarify.

What is a Sugar Daddy?

There are lots of variations on dating a sugar daddy and no one relationship can be catagorized.

Saying that, the most common is when you're dating a guy that just happens to have a lot more spare cash than you do and doesn't mind being generous (handy).

But then there is the next level where affluent men seek out younger women (and vice versa) that enjoy being shown the finer things in life in return for their company and when we say company we mean in all areas.

What does Dating a Sugar Daddy entail?

Usually the Sugar Daddy will be looking for a younger woman to spend time with him, care for him and generally stick with him while in return he will offer her financial and often emotional support.

Sometimes a relationship with an older male sugar daddy may prove even more fulfilling than that of a younger, more conventional guy as the focus centres around old-school romance - hey, we can deal with that.

Dating a sugar daddy has been made easy by online dating sites dedicated to just that.Or you can just do it the old-fashioned way and hang around the

Obviously there are some questionable parts of the Sugar Daddy partnership but all that said and done, sometimes having a sugar daddy would really come in handy...

Here's our Top Five reasons we wish we had a Sugar Daddy of our very own:

  • It's pretty likely that he's going to be older than you, so pulling out that grey hair a-wash with tears will be a thing of the past (thank the Lord.)
  • A man who's sole purpose is to please can only mean good things for after hours, if you know what we mean...
  • Those designer handbag dreams will finally become a reality, hello Louis.
  • Wash-board abs and low-slung jeans mean nada when the gas-heater needs a top up.
  • Faffing about in trying on endless corsets and camis that hurt your bank balance as much as your patience will plague your weekends no more - cue a sigh of relief.

Maria Bell
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