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Why We Should All Be Lifting Weights With Our Vaginas

by Maria Bell ,
Why We Should All Be Lifting Weights With Our Vaginas© Kim Anami

So this is kinda awkward subject but the latest idea to come straight from the States (where else!) is to lift weights with your vagina. We repeat, your vagina. This isn't just some ridiculous publicity stunt or joke either. Sexpert Kim Anami, who runs a Vaginal Kung Fu salon, reckons that the key to a happy life is a happy vagina and the only way to get one is strengthen those muscles baby. Yep we want to know more too...

Let's repeat it again - Kim Anami runs a Vaginal Kung Fu salon - you seriously can't make this sh*t up anymore. And this week she's released a half-joking, half-serious video about the benefits of hulking weights with your hoohaa.

Let's have a little watch of Kim's 10 reasons to work out your woo woo...


So from intensifying your orgasms to being able to jerk him off err, internally...there's a potential explosion of fun to be had with your vag that you just didn't know about.

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Maria Bell
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