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The Class Everyone's Talking About: Everything You Need To Know About 1Rebel

by Pascale Day ,
The Class Everyone's Talking About: Everything You Need To Know About 1Rebel

Getting the body you want is never a quick or easy feat, is it? Sigh. But, we may have finally found a place that will help you tone up quickly and, whilst not easy, it is crazy fun! If you don't like the gym, this is the place for you: 1Rebel is a 'fitness boutique' that specialises in high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT for short) that can be done in a lunch break. Dreamy, right? We spoke to master trainer Pierre Pozzuto about why you should head down to 1Rebel ASAP.

1Rebel is different. Firstly, you’ll notice that they only offer two classes, and there’s no gym. We know, WTF. But don’t let this put you off, because it’s for a good reason: this team of expert trainers have honed their craft with these classes so much that you really don’t need a gym - they work every part of your body in 45 minutes.

The two classes are Ride and Reshape. Ride is a high-powered spin class with live music and pyrotechnics, and Reshape is high intensity interval training mixed with running and weights. It’s bonkers in the best way. We spoke to Pierre, whose clients include Gordon Ramsay and Keira Knightley, to give us just few reasons you should take up one of their badass classes this summer.

1. You’ll burn an INSANE amount of calories

With Ride, you can either do a 45 minute class or a 30 minute class (which is an easier option if you’re on an hour lunch break). Pierre tells us that a 30 minute class will burn about 400 calories, and a 45 minute class will burn between a whopping 450-550 cals.

Reshape burns similar calories to Ride, but the running techniques teams with weight-assisted resistance exercises means that you burn bonus kcals. So when you’ve plonked yourself in front of the television later that evening, exhausted and achey, it’s not for nothing: your body is still torching a whole bunch of calories!

2. There’s a real science behind the classes

1Rebel may only have two classes, but with these guys, it’s all about quality, not quantity. These two classes weren’t just thrown together. No, Pierre tells us that he and his gang of trainers have looked at current fitness trends to decide what sort of exercises are most in demand and have tailored their classes around this. They understand that people want to see results, so they take the regular fitness routines of spin and HIIT, shake ‘em up and create better, more intense techniques that give you quicker results.

3. You don't have to be tied in to a membership

Many people are put off gyms by the thought of being tied into a gruelling contract that’s impossible to get out of. But Pierre and the guys don't put that kind of pressure on you. He tells us that 1Rebel run a “No-Membership system”, which means you can pay as you go, and you’re never tied into a contract.

4. They’re like your super fit brothers and sisters.

Even though they may come for the No-Membership policy, Pierre says that their clients stay for the service: “We try our absolute best to get participants the results they want. They know that, they see that, and so they come back regardless of the no tie-in system. We’re like a big family, because we care.” Which is why even at the crack of dawn, you'' see a huge amount of people at 1Rebel, ready to push themselves to their limits.

5. You’re doing a whole bunch of different types of training

At first glance, you may think that Ride is just another spin class, but you would be wrong. So wrong. Pierre informs us that Ride is “interval cardio training with added attention on upper body conditioning,” using weights to tone your arms, shoulders and core, combining low impact with high intensity. But your rhythm better be on point, because cycling and weight-lifting to the beat takes some practice!

6. The classes will benefit you in everyday life

Pierre tells us that you’ll notice the benefits of Ride and Reshape in your everyday life, “When you’re rushing for that bus that you normally miss, your acceleration will be far better, so you’ll be able to jump on it without even getting out of breath!” Never be late to work again - hurrah!

7. It’ll do insane things to your body

In particular, 1Rebel’s Reshape class uses intense training to garner quick results: “It’s the muscle-builder, the body-sculptor and the VO2 Max improver,” says Pierre. (VO2 Max is your maximum cardiovascular level, just FYI). Through consistent reshaping, your cardiovascular maximum will continually increase meaning your fitness will be on the up all the time.

8. You get complimentary juice!

There’s nothing better than coming out of a gruelling exercise class to a refreshing, cold smoothie, right? 1Rebel present all their participants with a list of delicious smoothies to choose from, and make sure it’s ready and chilling in the fridge for when they come out of their class in desperate need of a cold beverage. And, it’s no extra cost! Now that’s what I call service.

9. The changing rooms are fabulous

It’s all about the classes, sure. But these changing rooms are a sight to be seen. Beautifully clean, impressively modern and wonderfully spacious, the changing rooms boast huge lightbulb-lined mirrors complete with makeup remover, cotton wipes, and the most deliciously aromatic body lotion ever.

If you need to sort your hair for post-workout drinks with the girls, there’s high-power hairdryers (they actually dry your hair!) and good quality straighteners. And what’s more, there are individual showers with huge, warming shower heads, and complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so you leave smelling like a dream.

10. Both classes give you an all-over workout (inside and out)

Pierre says both Ride and Reshape are designed to work your entire body. Ride is constantly working your legs and core, with upper body weights interspersed. Reshape has specific classes that work out your upper and/or lower body. Both classes are designed to improve your cardiovascular ability and improve your general overall fitness. So if you’re torn about which class to choose, just know that you’re guaranteed an all-over work out either way. It’s a win-win kinda sitch.

11. The classes use an insane amount of workout techniques

If you’re the type of person who gets bored of monotonous gym classes, then Reshape is the class for you. It combines so many fitness techniques that it's pretty much impossible to get bored mid-sesh. Pierre tells us the class combines plyometrics (that means jump training in gym speak), strip sets, combination/multifunctional exercise, dynamic treadmill work, sprints and hill combos, speed resistance work and - last but not least - tri sets. Phew!

12. They enjoy keeping you out of your comfort zone

If the last point wasn’t enough to peak your interest (are you crazy?!), it may interest you to know that Pierre and co always ensure that the exercises are completed in a different order each time to keep participants firmly on their toes and out of their comfort zone You’ll be strong, fast and lean before you know it!

13. They’re not about doing crazy weights - they want to get you fast and strong

Pierre tells us that the weights in Reshape only go up to a maximum of 14kg. This, he tell us, is because it’s all about the time under tension rather than how much weight you can lift. This way, you’re going to get a much leaner physique from maximum speed and performance. So if you’re looking to become a beefcake of epic proportions, this isn't for you.

14. They understand the need for exercise in today’s world

Pierre et al recognise the desperate need for exercise in today’s world. The pressures of London living, an ever-growing obesity epidemic, the stress of work. 1Rebel aim to keep you fit, get you toned, as well as promoting the health benefits of regular exercise such as the strengthening of your immune system, keeping you free of toxins and releasing endorphins that make you happier.

15. You’ll never turn up late

1Rebel has one simple rule that will ensure you’re never late again: lateness to a class instantly burdens you with 20 burpees to complete before you can join in with the class. And we all know how much everyone hates burpees. The rule was put in place to demonstrate that any minute of the class counts. So if you believe in Pavlovian conditioning, this rule may change your outlook on lateness forever!

16. You’ll see results almost straight away

When asked how quickly we would see results with these classes, Pierre tells us: "Three sessions a week for three weeks and you’ll not only notice the difference, but your nearest and dearest will too! It’s a life changer, plain and simple.” The level of training here shows how beneficial and effectual exercise can be in a short space of time.

17. Every class is a show

Take Ride, for example. This isn’t your average spin class. Ride is a treat on both the eyes and the ears (as well as the thighs, obvs). Taking place in a darkened room, the walls are lit up in perfect time to thumping beats using pyrotechnics. But remember to keep your eyes forward, you still have to watch what the instructor is doing! And speaking of instructors, Pierre and his team sure know how to put on a show, with themed spins every day (90's Club Classics, anyone?). These classes are anything but dull, trust.

Sign. Us. Up! Are you up for the 1Rebel challenge? Let us know how you get on with the classes @sofeminineUK

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