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Are Celebrity #Healthies The Best Instagram Motivation Ever? 15 Hardcore Workouts We Want To Try

by Maria Bell ,
Are Celebrity #Healthies The Best Instagram Motivation Ever? 15 Hardcore Workouts We Want To Try© http://instagram.com/rosiehw

We can't help but get sucked in by a picture of a super-fit celebrity working out. Yeah, it kind of makes you want to stuff your face full of Victoria Sponge in protest BUT once you get over the insane jealousy stage, they're also pretty motivating. They do actually have to work to look that good. There's social media proof. So we've rounded up the best accounts to follow for celebrity workout inspiration.

1. Millie Mackintosh - Skinny Bitch Collective

This girl has gone CRAY for the gym and is looking insanely hot for it. But when you don't have a job and can go any time you'd have no excuse not to...sorry Millie, not sorry. As well as her fetish for Skinny Bitch Collective, you'll also see her bench pressing, weight lifting and pull upping to hotts-ville. Yeah we're loving getting our motivation from Mills.


2. Rosie Huntington Whiteley - Ballet Pilates

The first of many Victoria Secret's Models you'll be seeing on this list, RHW is a big fan of clean and lean living with exercises that strengthen her body mentally and physically. So that's a lot of ballet pilates and yoga and it shows in that incredible bod.


3. Gisele - Kung Fu

Gisele is the ultimate in our books and if you follow her on Instagram you have even more of an insight into her insanely privileged lifestyle. However what we like most is the fact she still seems incredibly ZEN. Like crazy zen. From paddle board yoga, beach-side yoga, yoga with her tiny baby, her body exudes a yogi calm. Until this…yeah, she also does Kung Fu Tai Chi which she says helped her bounce that body back post-baby. Well, if you say so Giz, we’re not going to argue.


4. Khloe Kardashian - Boxing

Khloe Kardashian can kick some serious ass. Since her horrific ordeal with ex-husband Lamar she’s done what every self respecting woman who’s been wronged would do – got mad hot. Khloe’s main thing is boxing and man does she do it. Any girl who can stand her own in the ring has big respect from us. Just watch her.


5. Alessandra Ambrosio - Pilates

We always knew we loved Pilates but now that we know Alessandra is a fan too, we're even more up for it.


6. Kendall Jenner - Soul Cycle

Onto another less curvy member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan – Kendall. She might possibly be THE most beautiful girl in the world and that body is to die for. Thankfully other than just having majorly good genes, Kendall works out like a boss. Often accompanying sister Khloe to boxing sessions, Kendall also does a lot of Soul Cycling too. What we’d give to be in that class.


7. Adriana Lima - Kick Boxing

This girl knows how to seriously get in shape. She's also not afraid of snapping her bright red, sweating face so you know 100 per cent that she isn't just posing. Kick boxing and boxing are her fitness faves and she really goes for it. It's hard not to get inspired.


8. Kelly Brook - Tabata

Although Kel is pretty loved up at the moment that doesn't mean she's sat around toasting herself and eating cake all day, she's down the gym making sure that bod's still got it. Ms Brook likes to post a range of workouts mainly HIIT training like Tabata ropes and weights, so if you want to see how to tone, she's your gal.


9. Miranda Kerr - Yoga

Miranda Kerr just screams yogi, she has her own natural beauty range...it figures. Although her instagram is mainly shots of her in next to nothing, the shots you do see of her working out make us want to block book some yoga classes stat.


10. Kelly Rowland - Hardcore Core Workouts

Just check out those ABS Ms Rowland! Kelly gets around when it comes to switching up her fitness snaps, from classic body weight exercises to Zumba, she'll always have something to share to make you wanna shape up.


11. Vanessa Hudgens - Strength Training

Hudgens may have been on the scene for years but that doesn't mean she's going to take it for granted, she's constantly finding ways to keep herself hawt. Soul Cycle, bikram yoga, strength training, she's done it all. So if you're looking for a celeb that's ahead of the game, she's your bet.


12. Nina Dobrev - Climbing Walls

Climbing walls is as fun as it looks but don't let that fool you into thinking it's not one hell of a workout. Nina keeps her training hard, but fun. So if dancing, yoga and all kinds of crazy workouts outdoors are your thing, this is the celebrity Instagram to stalk.


13. Bar Rafael - Weights

If there's one person on the planet who follows the rule 'if you've got it, flaunt it,' it's Bar. Thankfully the other one she's into is 'put yo ass into it'. This woman can press some serious weight, loves her TRX and generally is a total machine when it comes to working out. Well worth a follow.


14. Ellie Goulding - Body Weight Training

She might be the most annoying rising star in a long time but those pins pack a punch. Ellie Goulding trains hard for her athletic figure and whether you're gazing at pictures of her crop top and short combinations or pics of her doing handstands, you'll soon be inspired to get exercising.


15. Ciara - TRX

Another TRX convert, Ciara shows that this simple machine holds a lot of potential!


Feeling inspired? Tweet us at @sofeminineUK and let us know how you kick butt!

Maria Bell
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