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Personal trainer job description

by cheree Published on 3 November 2011
Personal trainer job description

Ever wondered what a personal trainers job description is and whether using one would be a good choice...

Personal trainer job description

Maybe you want to get fit and exercise regularly - it's just you're lacking motivation. You want a dream body but you're unsure about where to start. You go to the gym but after a positive start you're not seeing the results you want.

If any that sounds familiar then you need a personal trainer.

A personal trainer job description does say they can only work with celebs! Quite the contrary, in fact more and more women are calling on personal trainers for a regular and personalised fitness programme than ever before.

Why use a personal trainer?

The advantage of using a personal trainer is that they're there to take care of you and no-one else. No more crammed gym classes where you can hardly see what the instructor's doing at the front.

The personal trainer is completely dedicated to your body and can choose exercises based on which parts of your body you want to work. In order to provide you with a made-to-measure session, they will take your wishes and fitness level into account, as well as your medical history.

And the significant advantage with a personal trainer is that they won't let you take the foot off the gas! It's their job to constantly push you to go beyond your limits and make progress. And sometimes this motivational push is what's really required...

What activities can a personal trainer offer?

It will all depend on your needs and wishes. The personal trainer might propose:
> Gentle exercise: stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, Pilates, etc.
> Cardio training exercises: gym work, aerobics, step, elliptical bike, etc.
> Muscle strengthening

Specialised exercises might also be proposed for pregnant women, elderly people, etc. Each activity will be tailored to the individual.

How often should you have a session with a personal trainer?

Generally, the personal trainer will suggest you have at least a one-hour session per week. Feel free to ask them to teach you some simple exercises you can do alone at home too.

You might decide to have sessions with a personal trainer for the long term, or just from time to time in order to have a general "check-up" and to relearn some of the basics.

Where can you find a personal trainer?

The majority of gyms offer the services of a personal trainer to their members (in return for an /additional fee). But many personal trainers aren't associated with a particular establishment.

They might come to your home or workplace for the session, or they might do it outside (in a park, for example).

The personal trainer will usually provide all the equipment necessary for the exercises they have chosen (mat, resistance bands, dumbbells, ball, etc.).

What training and qualifications should a personal trainer have?

You should be vigilant when choosing a personal trainer: make sure they are qualified and are able to define your needs and goals.

Always ask to see copies of their qualifications and if you're in any doubt, ring the training company that provided the certificate or contact the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT) (details below).

Additionally, as part of a personal trainer's membership to the NRPT, they are required to possess a current CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) or first aid certificate.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

Naturally, a personal trainer costs more than your average gym class. You're usually looking at about £50 for an hour-long personal training session. You could try to reduce the fees by negotiating a tariff for several sessions.

To reduce the cost slightly, some personal trainers accept to work with several people at once. Either with your partner or amongst friends, this allows you to spread the cost, while enjoying personalised advice from a professional.

For more information about personal trainers, visit the National Register of Personal Trainers website: www.nrpt.co.uk

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cheree - Published on 3 November 2011
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