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The 10 Best YouTube Tabata Workouts To Get Fit Fast

by Carla Cain Walther Published on 12 March 2014
The 10 Best YouTube Tabata Workouts To Get Fit Fast© Google

​What if we told you that you could achieve the physical benefits of an hour-long cardio workout in just four minutes flat? Well, the ass-kicking Tabata exercise craze claims to do just that, and ladies, you've GOT to try out it for yourselves...

To help you begin reshaping your body and building muscle with Tabata, we've compiled a list of ten fitness instructors who've created the best Tabata workouts we've seen online. We swear you'll be panting, sweating, and (after you chug a bottle of water in 30 seconds) basking in a warm post-workout glow without even leaving the house.

The ethos of Tabata, or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is that it's simple and quick, but don't let the short time fool you. The amount of effort expended in the four-minute workout is equal to a two hour jog!

Traditional Tabata is defined as 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat that 8 times. Fall on the ground. Curse Tabata. That's it.

You can use exercise equipment, such as weights or resistance bands, but the most important tool is simply SHEER WILLPOWER to power through those four minutes. We also love that you can do these workouts in your own home or in a personal office. It makes this fitness regimen practical and budget-friendly.

For you fitness addicts out there, you don't have to stop at four minutes. If the traditional routine isn't enough for you, Tabata can be easily modified into longer workouts that'll definitely test your stamina. Try one of these ten workouts for yourself and feel the burn!

1. 10 Minute Interval Workout: Anna Renderer of PopSugar Fitness


Popsugar Fitness is one of the best go-to places for easy-to-follow, intermediate YouTube workouts. In this video Anna Renderer encourages a warmup and cool down before each HIIT. She then demonstrates a longer 10 minute Tabata workout that even leaves her exhausted by the end.

2. Hot Abs in 4 Minutes: Rebekah Borucki of BexLife


Rebekah Borucki of the BexLife YouTube channel is a yoga and fitness pro who has a number of Tabata workouts like this one that don't require any extra equipment. We reccommend taking your yoga mat to a scenic area outside so you can soak up some vitamin D while you complete this non-stop routine that focuses on tightening your core. Watch out, crop tops!

3. 4 Minute Fat Burning Tabata Workout: Mallory Erin of SkinnyMs


This workout is a great example of how to incorporate light weights into your routine. Mallory performs high knees, jumping jacks, and dumbbell punches with her weights to burn more fat and tone up her arms. Grab some five-pounders and get to lifting!

4. 4 Minute Workout: Naomi Rotstein and Stephen Cabral of Diet Health


Do you want your butt and legs toned up for beach season this year? Well, Naomi and Stephen have put together a fast-paced workout of side-to-side speed skaters and mountain climbers that'll reshape your lower half. Stephen also reminds us to BREATHE, LADIES, BREATHE, which is easy to forget to do during a Tabata.

5. 4 Minute Endurance Workout: Will Lanier of GQ


Jumping rope targets a huge range of muscles in your upper and lower half. The childhood exercise increases your heart rate as well, and that's crazy good for building up muscular endurance and refining coordination. Plus if backless dresses are your thing, jumping rope really works your triceps and back muscles. Try a weighted rope for added intensity!

6. Glutes and Thighs Cardio Fat-Burning: Mike and Elise of TabataFit


Lunges and squats also engage your whole body, but the exercises are mostly praised for the firming effect it has on your butt and thighs. Mike and Elise's workout is a very straightforward way to tone up what your mamma gave ya!

7. 45 Minute Total Body Toning Tabata Workout: FitnessBlender


No, ladies, that was not a typo. This 45 minute HIIT workout is not for the woman on to go who needs to fit in a quick workout. However, if you have an extra hour to kill in the evening, say no to Netflix and try this ramped up routine. While the narrator in the video is very encouraging and clear but where's the music? Put on that Beyonce CD and squat 'til you can't squat no more.

8. Tone Up in 4 Minutes: Rebekah Borucki of BexLife


Another great routine from our girl, Rebekah Borucki. This four minute workout focuses on building your strength and balance. She suggests you pair this Tabata workout with yoga to see a marked increase in your overall balance.

9. CrossFit Tabata Workout: Shirley Brown of CrossFit


The popular CrossFit training program is NOT for the weak, so you know its version of the Tabata workout is going to be exhausting. Shirley implements two classic exercises: squats and push ups. Seems relatively simple...until you reach your sixth round of push ups. Take a cue from the video and do this workout with friends. The extra support will motivate you to work through the inevitable fatigue!

10. Tabata Butt 10 Minute Workout: Courtney, Will, and Jessica of BeFit


Clearly we love our butt workouts here at sofeminine! BeFit's Tabata workout uses different variations of air squats, butt bridges, and lunges to get your lower half seriously moving. You'll be pretty sore after this one but think of how great your ass is going to look after a few weeks!

Remember: to get the most of your Tabata routines you have to give it all your all! The point is to reach your max during every 20 second interval. If you have jelly legs by the end of your Tabata workout then you're doing it correctly.

What Tabata workout did you like best? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Carla Cain Walther
Carla Cain Walther - Published on 12 March 2014
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