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The Twerkout: The newest dance fitness craze

by Alison Potter ,
The Twerkout: The newest dance fitness craze© PR

Miley Cyrus’ twerk-tastic VMA performance hasn’t just gotten tongues wagging, it’s also gotten butts everywhere shaking as women try their hand at the on-trend dance craze. With fitness classes becoming ever more obscure (rave party workout or aerial yoga anyone?) it was only a matter of time until someone decided to patent a twerking workout, or rather ‘Twerkout’. Interested?

We can't quite believe it's true - but the trendiest way to tone up right now is the Twerkout. So if you thought that Twerking was just for music videos and nightclubs, get ready to change up your thinking. It turns out this OMG move is actually a pretty good workout for your core, hips, thighs and bum muscles.

In a Twerkout class you can expect to master the signature twerking moves – imaginatively dubbed the 'shake', 'wobble' and 'jiggle' – and yes, they're all pretty sexually suggestive, as we saw when Miley demonstrated her moves onstage with Robin Thicke.

The booty-jiggling dance is a combination of a deep squat, pelvic tilt and rapid rump shaking, and is a great move to tone up your lower body.

Burning the same amount of calories as a general aerobics class – a decent 530 calories per 55 minute class – it’s the lower body workout that will give you the hottest moves and a lot of laughs.

The Twerkout - the newest fitness craze © PR
The Twerkout - the newest fitness craze
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And if you fancy giving it a go you wouldn’t be alone, as Les Mills who run the twerking-filled BODYJAM class, have reported a rapid rise in demand following Miley’s controversial performance.

However the jury’s still out on whether twerking is harmless or hazardous for your health – obviously increased heart rate activity is always beneficial, and it’s been said that regular twerkouts could increase your pelvic bone density by 8%, so you can literally twerk your way to avoiding hip replacement in later life.

But some medical professionals have warned that it runs the risk of causing lower back and knee problems, not to mention the fact that it's basically putting your booty right out there (not all of us are happy to do that!).

Bodyjam at Les Mills © PR
Bodyjam at Les Mills
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We asked Dave Kyle, head trainer for Les Mills, to share with us his top five tips to get your bootylicious rear in gear:

  • Warm up with hip rolls, rotating your hips up, down, left and right, so your joints are suitably loosened.
  • Squats and pulses (a 'bounce' mid repetition) are ideal to get your back end looking great.
  • The bootyshake is a key exercise for any aspiring twerker. The aim is to shake your rear whilst keeping the rest of your body still – really working those glutes.
  • A signature move is the 'tick tock', an essential heel-toe grind to work up quads to rival Rihanna's.
  • Finally, DON'T stick your tongue out. It didn't work for Miley and it won't work for you! Instead stick your bum out at every opportunity, this pose will build your core to guarantee a whittled waist to set off your behind.

What do you think of the twerkout? Are you tired of twerking already or are you all set to sex up your workouts? Tweet us @SofeminineUK!

Alison Potter
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