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7 Things We Want To See Change This IWD #makeithappen

by Lareese Craig Published on 06/03/2015 at 15:10
7 Things We Want To See Change This IWD #makeithappen

In case you didn't know March 8th is a pretty big deal for women across the globe. It marks International Women's Day and an opportunity to both celebrate the achievements of women and make society address the issue of inequality against women front on. We've come along way and we're proud of that but there's still a long road of improvement ahead. Here's 7 things we want to see change this IWD #makeithappen.

International Women's Day is a time to inspire women and celebrate their achievements.

You might be someone that refrains from calling yourself a feminist and you're not alone. Somewhere along the line, society is confusing it as an aggressive, man-hating cult and that in itself depletes any effort of progression.

Here's the deal. The feminist revival isn't something to shy away from, or turn red at the mention of the very word. It's something to stand up and be proud about. Together. Men and women alike!

Guys, this isn't a personal attack against your genitals. It's about US. The true purpose of IWD is about calling for greater social, economical and political equality. That means it's as much about YOU as it is about us.

The theme for IWD this year is 'make it happen', so with this in mind we're showing our support and flagging up exactly what we think needs to change to make sure the future for women is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.

Ursula wants more women in power

Vivian wants sex trafficking to Stop. Full stop.

Lareese wants more front page news stories written by women

Emmy wants to end the gender pay gap

Tolani wants it to be easier for women to have it all

Carly wants more women in the boardroom

Charlotte wants women's opinions to be taken seriously

#paintitpurple #makeithappen whatever hashtagging activism you're down for using, get involved and have your say. As Emma Watson said: "If not me who? If not now, when?"

Speak up for change girls!

What do you want to change this IWD? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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Lareese Craig
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