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Artist Tortured Like Lab Animal In A Campaign Against Animal Testing

by Maria Bell ,
Artist Tortured Like Lab Animal In A Campaign Against Animal Testing© Lush

We love our beauty products but how much do you really think about what goes on behind the scenes? This video serves as a shocking reminder of the horrific tests that happen daily to laboratory animals across the globe.

This 23 year-old artist was restrained, force-fed, and injected with cosmetics in Lush’s Regents Street store window as part of a worldwide campaign by Lush and The Humane Society against animal testing. ​


Hilary Jones, Lush Ethics Director says: “The Cosmetics Directive is a really positive piece of legislation for animals. It was passed in 1993 at the request of 20 years of campaigning by the public in Britain and across Europe and it said that no animals could be tested o for cosmetics.

​"But unfortunately the Cosmetics Industry lobbied behind the scenes after the legislation got passed and they were granted a delay, then another delay, then another delay. So far its been 20 years and they’re currently asking for another 10 years.”

Disgusted? You should be. Support Lush and help change the situation for good.

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Maria Bell
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