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17 Reasons Why Andrea Is Adorable And Needs To Win The X Factor

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Reasons Why Andrea Is Adorable And Needs To Win The X Factor© ITV Pictures

If you've been living under a rock, Andrea is the loveable Italian guy that is currently KILLING IT in this year's X Factor. As well as being insanely talented, Andrea is the cutest little button that has ever graced the X Factor stage (yeah, move aside Janet Devlin)! Here's why we're rooting for Andrea to win...

1. He has a deep love of Pugs

A friend of the pugs is a friend of ours.

2. He’s close to his parents

They travelled from Italy to watch him perform and said: "He will always be able to count on our support. Always always always." Excuse us for a sec, someone must be chopping onions...

3. His fashion choices are usually top notch

This guy just does not care and that is why he is ALREADY a winner!

4. He’s a shy guy

He's so quiet and smiley. Can't we take him away from those harsh studio lights and just bring him home?

5. He’s a cuddly bear

Or 'my big Italian bear' as the other contestants like to describe him.

6. Also, an Italian accent?! Yes please.

We love a good Italian accent.

7. You want him to be your BFF

This guy needs someone to keep him level-headed as he shoots to stardom and you could help with that!

8. The other contestants love him

When your competitors flat out love you, you know you've got a winner.

9. He has the voice of a super star

The most important one! Amazing personality AND amazing talent.


10. He’s so cute

If we haven't made it clear enough already, we really do just want to eat him up.

11. He travelled from Italy to be here

Dedicated much?!

12. He’s always watched the show

"I used to watch the X Factor UK in my bedroom on my own, and I used to say, one day at least I must try, and now I'm here, and that's crazy!"

13. He’s buds with Sam Smith

Our other loveable cutesy pie.

14. He’s been consistently awesome

Has he done one bad performance yet? No. No he hasn't.

15. He’s a culture vulture

He's just so happy to be here!

16. Ed Sheeran has his back

He said: “I texted Cowell about the Italian dude because I think he is fantastic. I like his love of pugs as well that he gives no f**k and wears whatever he wants.”

17. And so do we! Come on Andrea!

You can do it!

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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