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20 Stages Everyone Goes Through On A Hangover Day

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Stages Everyone Goes Through On A Hangover Day

You've had an amazing night (or so you think) and now in the cold, hard light of the morning, or afternoon, you're paying the price. Dry throat, terror of the unknown and an unhealthy desire for fried food? Sounds like you're having a hangover day...

1. You had a banging night, and now you’re conscious again, you’re going to pay for it

Oh God...

2. You have never woken up feeling so grim in your entire life

How do we feel this bad and when will it end?

3. Your mouth has never felt so dry

You need water but you literally don't want what effect it will have...

4. You realise that you literally drank poison last night

You poisoned yourself! AGAIN.

5. Every movement hurtssss

Trying to move hurts. I'll just stay with my head in the toilet a while longer.

6. How did you even manage to put on pyjamas?

You can't remember this.

7. How did you get home?

Taxi? Not by yourself? Who were you with?!

8. Did you manage to get all of your stuff back?

Don't panic, and go take a look in your clutch bag to make sure all of your credits cards and ID are still intact.

9. So many questions

Answers are required in case something terrible has happened.

10. You need to check your phone for evidence, but you just can’t reach

An inch feels like a mile...

11. You need someone to bring you tea…without milk

This isn't the moment for dairy products.


Why have you never learned?! It's not worth it! It's just not worth it!

13. You finally get hold of your phone and find nothing but 5 ‘where are you’ texts and pictures from pre-drinks

This tells me nothing of the night!

14. And experience the cold horror of how much change you have left from the evening

Wow, £1.50 left over from £50. Spent on nothing. Nothing.

15. You finally get a hold of your friends and find out exactly what happened...

Needless to say the phone conversation goes from bad to worse...

16. You basically need to be taken care of all day

Like a poor sad invalid.

17. Food is literally all you can think about

Kudos to you if you can get to your nearest greasy cafe/Subway/McDonalds with your hair practically stuck together, your make up from last night still smudged all over your face, and a hoody over your pyjamas in an attempt to look ‘decent’.

18. You finally face the sun and leave the house


19. You try to watch TV in bed but end up sleeping until 8 in the evening

Whelp, my sleeping pattern's screwed!

20. By which point you feel MUCH better and...you may as well go and do it again, right?


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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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