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20 Ways To Have The Ultimate Evening Of 'Me Time'

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Ways To Have The Ultimate Evening Of 'Me Time'

It's been a long, hard week of all work and no play when finally that rarest of things presents itself to you: an entire evening to spend by yourself. So lock the doors, lower the blinds and stock up on the bubble bath because here's how to spend the perfect evening all by yourself.

1. Have some fresh PJs at the ready

When you're about to commit to a whole evening of 'you', nothing is more disgruntling than realising you only have your rubbish-y, holey PJ bottoms and that t-shirt you once got for free at a bar, to sleep in. Buy some new jammies for the occasion and regret NOTHING.

2. Have a bubble bath

It sounds like the oldest cliche in the book of 'me time', but that's because it really is the BEST thing to do when you have an evening of pampering planned. Soaking in a tub with some Lush goodies and Fifty Shades of Grey on your iPad to chill out to is the ultimate treat to yourself!

3. Switch your phone OFF

How can it be 'me time' when all your friends and family are trying to butt in via WhatsApp?! Don't waste your precious evening by replying because before you know it, it'll be the middle of the night and all you'll have is the vague memory of watching snapchat stories and sending ridiculous voice clips to your mates. This time is for you, so make it about you!

4. Shave it UP

Sure we run a razor over our legs in the shower, but every now and then we need to take the time to do it PROPERLY. Brand new razor, shaving foam, finding every little nook and cranny around the ankle, then moisturising the hell out of them afterwards. You'll be feeling like this in no time:


5. Have a couple of glasses of wine

Yeah you're alone, but an ice cold glass of white wine whilst soaking in a bathtub/watching a movie/sorting out your wardrobe just sounds too good to care about being social.

6. Stick on a chick flick

You might have watched it three times in the cinema, but it doesn't mean you can't settle down to your very own private viewing of Fifty Shades of Grey. You owe it to yourself to let Christian Grey into your oh-so-precious 'me time'. Download it and enjoy - even better - enjoy with chocolate snacks aplenty for indulgence x 50.

7. Give yourself a little fashion show

Pick out all the clothes you love but never wear and put together some new outfits. Your wardrobe will feel reborn!

8. Write in a diary

Writing down all of your thoughts is a great way to unload and focus on your oh-so-relaxing evening ahead.

9. Have a homemade foot spa

Yes we basically mean pour some hot water into your washing up bowl, but glam it up with a little bubble bath. Let your feet soak for 20 minutes (or longer, you do you), then moisturise them and wrap in cling-film before slipping them into fresh cotton socks. Wait for a few hours then remove the film to reveal feet fit for a QUEEN.

10. Mess with your hair

There'll never be a time where you'll feel more confident to try a new do as when you know that nobody is ever going to see it, and who knows? Maybe it'll become your new favourite look! Hair Bow anyone?

11. Pick up your colouring book

Colouring in for adults has become a hugely popular trend. So much so that adult colouring books now take up half of the Amazon's Best Seller's list - yes really. Probably because it's actually amazing, therapeutic and looks so pretty afterwards. Enjoy!

12. Light some scented candles

You've had your hot, relaxing bath. You've climbed into your crisp, fresh jammies. Your mind is at it's most chilled. Nothing for it but to light some lovely candles and keep the 'me time' going!

13. Spring up your bedroom

Putting flowers in your room makes you feel happy and kind of sophisticated, so what are you waiting for?! Put some flower power in your room!

14. Settle down with a good book

Maybe you want to read a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel to keep the party going, or maybe you're more partial to Jane Austen. Either way, snuggling in bed with a good read is freaking BLISSFUL.

15. Get that Netflix ready

Binge-watching TV shows is a real guilty pleasure, and also kind of perfect to watch with one eye whilst you're busy getting back in touch with yourself.

16. Do some online shopping

Hop on Boohoo or Missguided and just add everything you fancy into your shopping bag. Then wind it down from £600 (approx) and buy those items you really, really fancy.

17. Mani-pedi up your life

Your nails and toenails are always in serious need of some TLC, so take a little time and give yourself the nail treat you always knew you deserved. Whether than means giving yourself a French manicure, going all out and trying out that nail pen or just ensuring that the colour of your manicure matches your pedicure, nothing soothes that mind like a perfect, unsmudged mani-pedi.

18. Order a takeaway

The diet starts tomorrow. Chicken chow mein starts TONIGHT.

19. Give your skin a treat

Having some time to yourself actually gives you time to try out those lengthy beauty hacks you've always read about but never given a go. Whether it's putting on a homemade hair mask or actually experimenting with some homemade bath bombs, the sky's the limit.

20. Turn your music UP

Your housemates can deal with you being loud just this once. UPTOWN FUNK YOU, UP UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP.

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