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29 Struggles Every Short Girl Can Relate To

by Rose Adams ,
29 Struggles Every Short Girl Can Relate To

It's ain't easy being liddle. Yes it's true good things come in small packages, but there's also a lot of daily struggles those of us who are 5 foot 3 and under have to put up with, including being told how short we are by everyone we meet, y'know, just in case we had no idea already *rolls eyes 1000 times*

Forever being known as the 'short one' of my squad, I dream of supermodel pins and a torso that's actually long enough to fit in normal people sized clothes and not just the petite range. Although leg room is never an issue and we can buy clothes from the kids section saving us precious £££, being vertically challenged comes with multiple struggles that make life kinda difficult. Petite princesses of the world let's join together as I chart them here.

1. Reaching things from the top shelf in the supermarket is impossible without the aid of nearby regular-height strangers

'Sorry to bother you again....'

2. Spotting the dress of your dreams but then realising it doesn't come in petite is THE WORST

If it doesn't come in petite then forget it.

3. Almost drowning in the shallow end of a normal depth pool

Damn those 164cm when I'm only 152.

4. The knee-high boot trend is great in theory but finding a pair that actually come to your knees rather than your thighs? Still waiting for that to happen

Are they gonna come in petite next season orrrrrrr?

5. You need a set of steps or a chair nearby at all times to be able to reach food in the top kitchen cupboards

That same set of steps you had as a kid that you thought you would never need after your teens...

6. Group selfies are an issue when everyone in the squad is taller than you, as you can't see the camera and not to mention where are you supposed to put your arms?

We'll sit this one out.

7. Nights out without wearing heels are an absolute NO NO 'cos your tall friends tower over you and make you look five

We are old enough to be here we swear.

8. Getting regular neck ache from craning it so much to see things that are higher than your vision allows

The struggle is real.

9. ...and constant eye ache from rolling them every single time someone mentions the height thing

'Wow you're like, so small'

10. Taller people thinking it's okay to use you as an arm rest

NEWS FLASH: it's not.

11. Good luck seeing anything above the crowd at festivals and concerts

Those giant screens are an absolute GODSEND.

12. Having to roll up every sleeve and hem on every single piece of clothing you own 'cos they're always too long for your limbs

Who says rolled up jeans are no longer in fashion? Not us.

13. Looking on at tall girls rocking maxi dresses with envy 'cos you know if you wore one you would end up tripping over the hem and face planting

14. And that whole backpack trend really ain't working either when the bag is basically the same size as you

It's Dora The Explorer or nothing tbh.

15. Having to swing your legs all day cos your feet can't touch the floor in your office chair

Now we've got knee ache again.

16. Getting ID'd for the bottle(s) of wine EVERY damn time

Carrying around your driving license with that super embarrassing photo of you at 18 is essential.

17. Mirror selfies are impossible unless it's a full length one or you're sat cross legged on the floor

If we reach up we can get our phone in the shot, just not our face.

18. Needing to sit on a pillow to drive so you can actually see out the windscreen

Who says booster seats are just for kids?

19. ...which your nose practically touches 'cos you gotta be so close to the steering wheel otherwise you can't reach the pedals

20. ....not to mention the sun visor constantly hitting you in the face cos you're so close to it

Yeah, so driving is a struggle.

21. Forever being eye level with your tall friends' boobs. You could probably draw them from memory now

22. ...and being the same height as sweaty commuters' armpits on the tube and train


23. You can't hold a shopping bag without it dragging along the floor

*praying the bag doesn't rip*

24. Having to do a quick run/walk just to keep up with your tall friends who are walking at normal pace

But totally styling it out like that's how you always walk.

25. When the seatbelt chokes you in the car

26. The rips in the knee of your fave ripped jeans actually come up to your shin

Topshop if you're reading this, take note and make 'em lower thankyouplease.

27. Thinking of new and imaginative ways to give you extra height - yep, that messy bun could be wrapped around a few more times

Total genius.

28. Having people constantly tell you how short you are. It's like 'wow thanks for that realisation, I've spent my whole life thinking I was a giant'

29. Having to wait a year to make your order in McDonald's or at the bar 'cos the people serving are constantly missing you behind the taller members of the queue

And it's like 'Hey, I'm down here!'

Short girls, what's your biggest struggle? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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