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14 Signs You're The Annoying One on Facebook

by Emmy Griffiths ,
14 Signs You're The Annoying One on Facebook© via WeHeartIt

Facebook is an odd kind of place. It's almost like the less you share, the cooler you are. So it stands to reason that the more you love to share, the more frustrated your FB friends eventually grow with you. Here are the signs that your Facebook habits are just TOO much...

You give WAY too much information about your bodily functions

Need to let people know if something particularly hilarious or gross just happened to you or one of your friends? Just don't. People might be eating.

You let EVERYONE know when you're bored

This is what Snapchat is for. Because when you've come to your senses and gotten a social life, all evidence of you dressing up your cats is but a sweet, confusing memory.

You don't think twice when inviting people to play your favourite Facebook game

People don't like it. You may even begin receiving this picture. Do you want that? WELL DO YOU?

When you’ve had a nasty breakup and can’t keep your feelings to yourself

Sometimes it is almost too tempting to tell the world that you are miserable but you WILL regret it. Just cry down the phone to one of your long-suffering friends and keep the miserable social media messaging private.

When you think you’re having funny banter and need to give your Facebook friends an insight

You had to be there. Every single time, you had to be there.


Keep your lovey dovey messaging private whilst you still have Facebook friends left!

When you get into arguments

You're just asking for your argument to become a spectator sport, especially if it's stupid. You might be in a rage, but we're all sat with buckets of popcorn watching the whole thing go down.

See album

When you’ve had a great dinner and need to show it to the world

No one cares about your half-eaten evening falafel wrap.

When you have FOLDERS of pictures of your pets

The internet loves a good cat. But on a day to day basis, not so much. Save the kitty pictures for a rainy day. Same goes for babies.

When you reach utter TMI concerning your love life

You might not care who knows about the intimacies of your relationship, but we care when we can't UNREAD your highly inappropriate post!

When you share your hilarious anecdotes

Treasure your friendship with your friend, NOT with us.

When you don’t care who knows about your one night stand

You can laugh about it over a cocktail, but DON'T brag about it on FB! You have your little cousins and Grandparents on here for crying out loud!

When you become outraged about an issue only to get over it almost immediately

Don't be that person who is passionate about issues only to have moved onto your next outrage the next day! Keep it on the Daily Mail comment section.

When you vent about your life to anyone who’ll listen

When you're angrily typing your fury, who is it that you think is scrolling Facebook on a Wednesday night, wants to click the 'Read More' option and get totally up-to-date with how sh*t your life is right now?

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Rant with her @emmyfg!

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