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26 Behind-The-Scenes Photos You Won't Want To Miss

by Emmy Griffiths ,
26 Behind-The-Scenes Photos You Won't Want To Miss

Fascinating, hilarious and silly snaps from behind-the-scenes of our favourite movies and TV shows...

The Dark Knight Rises

Look at Bane and Batman having a chuckle together!

Kill Bill

They have unfinished business: being BFFs!


Just chilling in their finery.

Star Wars

Chewbacca! How very dare you!

Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal eating something that isn't people (progress).

Star Wars

R2D2 settling down to a spot of lunch.

The Avengers

Joss Whedon writing himself into the plot.

Harry Potter

Snape, Ron and Harry laughing together. Anyone really disturbed by this?

Star Wars

Kermit and Miss Piggy with Yoda!

Life of Pi

The magic has kind of gone from this now...

Les Miserables

Fantine with her cheeky coffee and coat! What happened to method acting Anne?

Game of Thrones

The Lannister siblings getting along. Mental.


Just some bantz before they resume fighting each other to the death.


Daniel Craig and Judy Dench sharing a chuckle.


Kate Winslet chilling in a paddling pool.

The Matrix

This looks much cooler in the film.



The Walking Dead

Swearing zombie selfie #amazing.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Fauns need to eat too!

Star Wars

It looks more dramatic when he falls hundreds of feet and not just into a pile of mats.

Lord of the Rings

Hahahahaha. Amazing.

Forrest Gump

Lieutenant Dan!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Bill Nighy, you usually look so friendly and warm!

The Dark Knight

How Harvey's two faces were made...

The Avengers

Whilst the rest of them were in their awesome costumes, poor Mark Ruffalo was...well...

Lord of the Rings

Just having fun in Mordor!

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