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8 Reasons You Need To Watch Netflix’s Daredevil

by Emmy Griffiths ,
8 Reasons You Need To Watch Netflix’s Daredevil© Netflix

Daredevil is the latest edition to the Marvel universe, and in true, wondrous Netflix style we have been gifted with all season one's episodes in one go. No adverts to get in our way, no promos for the next episode. Basically, it's everything we want TV to be. But is the show actually worth the watch? We firmly saying YES. Here's why you need to get one board with this one...

  1. · It’s part of the Marvel Universe
  2. · The supporting characters are great
  3. · You see both sides of the story
  4. · It’s Marvel gone gritty
  5. · The storyline is awesome
  6. · It’s pretty fast-paced
  7. · The fighting scenes are awesome
  8. · Matt Murdoch is a babe

It’s part of the Marvel Universe

If you love The Avengers, Agents of SHIELD and even Guardians of the Galaxy, you can’t afford to miss out on the show. The various shows and movies all tie together, and if you miss one, you miss out.

The supporting characters are great

This isn’t a show where you sit through the supporting characters sections waiting for the main guy to get back on the screen. The supporting characters have their own stuff going on: from attempting to bring down their former employers to helping out the underdogs of the city, and sometimes it’s way more interesting than a angsty Daredevil punching the crap out of everyone.

You see both sides of the story

It’s like a superhero version of The Wire. You begin to understand the bad guys. They’re not just villains who need to be destroyed, they are mild-mannered men who shyly ask gallery curators to dinner, Russian brothers who stuck together no matter what. It’s a great new way to look at it.

It’s Marvel gone gritty

We’ve gotten used to Marvel being chock full of Joss Whedon-esque quips, funny larger-than-life superheroes who know how to deliver a pithey line before saving the universe, and usually we love them for it. Save the misery for DC! That being said, it does make for a nice change to have a stylish, darker tone. A superhero like Daredevil couldn’t have been done in any other way.

The storyline is awesome

Daredevil is after a sex slave ring in Hell’s Kitchen, and is picking off it’s members one by one. It’s tres Batman Begins, but we love it.

It’s pretty fast-paced

It wastes no time with the origin story, and we are grateful for it. We love a good origin story, but we also love it when TV shows don’t draw out plot points for YEARS *cough* SMALLVILLE.

The fighting scenes are awesome

The elaborate fighting scenes are so comic book that KABLAM! and THWACK! Should appear on the screen. They are admittedly awesome though! You know the stunt choreographer has done well when you shout ‘WOW!’ as Matty M destroys another of his opponents!

Matt Murdoch is a babe

We kept the shallow one till last. Charlie Cox won us over as the handsome romantic hero in Stardust, and he’s just gotten better with age. It’s all in the cheekbones.

Will you be watching? If you've watched it already, what did you think? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her your thoughts @emmyfg!

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