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20 Signs You Live In A Girl Dominated House

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Signs You Live In A Girl Dominated House© WeHeartIt

Hair everywhere, an obscene amount of candles and a permanent Gossip Girl omnibus? Sounds like you live in a girl dominated house...

You have to watch Gossip Girl all. the. time.

Or Pretty Little Liars. Or The Vampire Diaries. Or basically any other girly boxset that has been introduced that month. But will they ever let you watch Die Hard? NO.

There are permanent straightener burns on your carpet

Meh, who needed the deposit anyway?

There's that one housemate that never leaves

You will never get the house to yourself, because she is always there. Watching her girly tv programmes. Eating her girly food.

There are hairgrips on every surface of your place

You're not allowed to throw them away either. They will all come in handy some day.

Hair clogging the drain is a real and dreaded problem

Not to be revolting, but you could make wigs, WIGS out of what comes out of our drains.

Foundation always manages to find its way on the white walls

Just paint everything beige, because it's GOING to happen if you're not careful!

Your fridge is filled with healthy rubbish

Your pizza and microwave curry stick out like a sore, grubby thumb in between all of the fresh vegetables, pre-made smoothies and greek yoghurt from your housemates.

Tampons are everywhere

In kitchen cupboards, in the bathroom cabinet, in the DVD drawer. You can be meandering along, minding your own business then BAM! You never see them coming!

You have an unfair amount of bathroom time

In a house of girls, bathroom time is precious. Either find a time slot where no one wants it and stick to it, or make do with a sponge bath in your room.

You have watched every rom com several times over

You know all the rom coms, and secretly LOVE them. Just never let them catch you watching Hairspray by yourself.

Candles. Candles everywhere

Yeah they're pretty, but you're truly concerned that the house will eventually catch on fire.

Not to mention infusers, potpourri and air freshener

It smells so damn fresh in your home!

Everyone in the house must like your housemate's latest Instagram snap

Because you have to support your friend, everyone in the house has to 'spontaneously' like her Facebook post/Instagram snap to get the ball rolling.

Seeing a fashion show every time someone goes shopping

Hearing those shopping bags rustling and knowing that the next two hours of your life are going to be fraught with envy.

There are so many products in the bathroom you could start a shop

You barely have room for your sad little toothbrush. Actually, best just keep everything in your room.

Gossip is a key ingredient to a happy home

With all girls in a house, things inevitably get bitchy. But passive aggression is KEY.

Radiators are permanently covered in lacy garments

A girls washing underwear routine is NEVER done.

You always have to participate in fun, house-related activities

Come Dine With Me games, pub quiz night, Sunday Monopoly day, they're always cooking up some ideas. Whatever happened to everyone leaving you alone whilst you played on your computer for hours on end?!

Working out the house rules

If one of us goes out in heels, we ALL go out in heels!

Loud, blaring pop music is an essential

We hope you like Taylor Swift...

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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