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Top 20 Biggest Lovers From The Silver Screen

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Top 20 Biggest Lovers From The Silver Screen

Let’s see Empire Cinemas’ favourite silver screen couples who ruined relationships for all of us because in reality no one could possibly be as perfect as them…

Paula and Zack – An Officer and a Gentleman

Man in uniform. More importantly, Richard Gere in uniform. Richard Gere in his PRIME. Excuse us while we melt.


Jack and Ennis – Brokeback Mountain

The romantic tragedy about two cowboys who come to terms with their sexuality when they fall in love brought all-male romance into the mainstream, AND it is the perfect film.

Baby and Johnny – Dirty Dancing

For anyone whose sexual awakening was born from Patrick Swayze saying: “no one puts Baby in the corner” before lifting her up to a cheering crowd, this one’s for you.


Harry and Sally – When Harry Met Sally

Can a man and a woman just be friends? This film answers this timeless question which turns out to be no. No they can’t just be friends.

Lara and Yuri - Dr Zhivago

The sixties style. Revolutionary Russia. Omar Sharif looking classically handsome. What's not to love?!

Satine and Christian – Moulin Rouge

What happens when a courtesan falls in love with a penniless writer? Satine and Christian’s chemistry was amazing (not to mention infused with angst-riddled singing and can can dancers). Damn, we’re just going to watch the whole thing again really quickly, brb.

Sandy and Danny – Grease

The message of Sandy and Danny’s relationship may not be the greatest (i.e. the woman swaps her pastel jumpers and big skirts for a skin tight cat suit and hooker shoes), but you still knew that Danny was trying to change for her too, and the pair legitimately cared about each other. Oh High School clique expectations, leave these two ALONE!


Westley and Buttercup – The Princess Bride

The spoof fantasy film focuses on the true love of Westley and Buttercup. Yeah it’s a little silly, but there’s something oh-so-attractive about a hero saving his damsel in distress against all odds.


James Bond and Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Wow, Diana Rigg was HOT. We also had no idea romantic montages in James Bond movies could be so wonderfully cheesy!


Ilsa and Rick - Casablanca

Ilsa and Rick's relationship is everything we could possibly want when settling down for an evening of old movies. The theatricality and passion of this couple is not lost on us.

Laura and Alec - Brief Encounter

Strangers Laura and Alec meet by change at a train station, then meet every week to discover they are falling deeply in love with one another, despite both being married. There is no dramatic affair, just a bittersweet ending.


Scarlett and Rhett - Gone with the Wind

Sure, it didn't end well *cough* "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.” *cough*. However, Rhett and Scarlett's relationship is one of passion and fighting. Basically the relationship we'd never want for ourselves, but is brilliant to watch.

Jane and John – Mr & Mrs Smith

The film where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hooked up might not be the best flick, but the chemistry between their two characters is freaking tangible.


Allie and Noah – The Notebook

We can’t get through this film without choking down sobs since Noah and Allie are everything you could ever want in a relationship. Especially as Noah is played by Ryan Gosling, obviously.

Vivian and Edward – Pretty Woman

She’s a hooker with a heart of gold, he’s an unhappy millionaire. She teaches him how to let go and he takes her shopping. There’s piano sex, clothes montages and the opera. He defends her against his best friend, and she decides to sort her life out. Seriously what is there not to love about these two?!


Elisabeth and Will – Pirates of the Caribbean

Two really, really ridiculously good-looking people sail the seven seas together amongst mangy pirates. Let’s face it, they are GOING to hook up.


Jack and Rose – Titanic

Saying each other’s names over and over again, leaving a steamy handprint in a car window and Jack drawing Rose like ‘one of his French girls’, this was the HOTTEST relationship before the iceberg screwed things up.

Bella and Edward - Twilight

Yeah he might be a creepy 100-something who won’t sleep with his girlfriend until they’re married when she’s basically throwing herself at him…but dammit he makes it work for him, doesn’t he?! If we were Bella we’d probably be Team Edward ourselves. Soz Jacob.

Romeo and Juliet

It’s a classic story about love, but the Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes version has to be our favourite. Mostly because of Leonardo.


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