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12 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll REALLY Want This Mother’s Day

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll REALLY Want This Mother’s Day© WeHeartIt

We love our mothers. They might grumble, complain about housework and go mad when you wake them up stumbling in drunk at 3 in the morning (ahem, not that is has happened THAT often), but they've always, ALWAYS been there for us. Since we want to say thank you properly, here's everything your mum will REALLY want this Mother's Day...

Dust mop slippers

Relaxing in comfort and NEVER having to mop up again? Win.

Acupressure mat

So she can get a good night sleep to better face acting as your taxi driver/confidante/chef all day!


For when she needs to tune out your bullsh*t!

Ring for Wine keyring

So she can be waited on hand and foot, obviously.

Vodka jelly shots

Because she needs a way to chill after a long hard week!

'Please let me go back to bed' t-shirt

Because when she's taking you to swimming practice at 5:30 she really, REALLY means it.

Delux head massager

Because if anyone deserves to relax, it's her.

Glass and vodka gift set

A secret stash for when she can't take you and your brother fighting for much longer...

Vintage magnet

Because the truth deserves to be told.


So she can kick back (and pass out) in style.

Ring for tea desk bell

Because even when she's working, she shouldn't have to move.

Novelty bottle stopper

Because sharing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

In all seriousness, here's our more sophisticated, more beautiful Mother's Day Gift Guide where you can really get her something special. What will you be buying her? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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