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WATCH: Rihanna Asked A Fan To Sing FourFiveSeconds & Her Reaction Is Amazing

by Lareese Craig ,
WATCH: Rihanna Asked A Fan To Sing FourFiveSeconds & Her Reaction Is Amazing

When Rihanna passes you the mic you do one of two things: Have a major freaking meltdown or just stay cool and slay. This dude did the latter and even Ri-Ri couldn't hold her sh*t together. Duet coming soon?!

How it normally goes down: Rihanna puts a microphone in your face, you freeze, smile awkwardly at the fact you're trying to sing and make eye contact. But the words aren't coming out, so she strokes your head to reassure you that you're still amazing just the way you are.

How this guy did it: Rihanna puts a microphone in his face, Rihanna is amazed, the crowd erupts, we're left wondering when they're gonna drop their first duet.

During her ANTI tour Rihanna passed the mic to one of her front-row fans and he did not hold back. The short video clip shows RiRi reaching out for an impromptu sing-a-long of FourFiveSeconds only to be blown away by his performance. When she continued singing, she even pauses to say, 'Oh sh*t' seemingly in response to his insane a cappella skills.



ANTI attendee Terah Stewart later took to Twitter to share the moment he out-queen'd Rihanna:

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Lareese Craig
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