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TOO CUTE! These Pictures Of Snoozing Babies Will Melt Your Heart

by Emmy Griffiths ,
TOO CUTE! These Pictures Of Snoozing Babies Will Melt Your Heart© Sandi Ford

Babies are adorable whether they are cooing, gurgling and even making a racket, but they are never quite as cute as when they are sleeping. We think these pictures of snuggly snoozing bambinos as captured by London-based photographer Sandi Ford definitely prove it!

Newborns need their shut-eye, and without question make the cutest models in the world as a result!

​We just love their expressions from happy to peaceful to grumpy, even at a few days old their personalities are already shining through! These pictures by photographer Sandi Ford seem to show that, as delicate and vulnerable as babies are, they are already completely in control of every type of human emotion...

© Sandi Ford
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Ford's studio, Bumps, Babes and Beyond, creates pictures of the sleeping babes by arranging them into adorable little poses as they snooze, with our personal favourite being the 'frog' position - apparently all babies are yoga experts!

© Sandi Ford
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Need more adorable baby cuteness in your life?! You can learn more about Sandi More's work here: www.sandifordphotography.com

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Emmy Griffiths
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