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24 Important Twitter Accounts For Guaranteed LOLS

by Emmy Griffiths ,
24 Important Twitter Accounts For Guaranteed LOLS© Pinterest

We scoured Twitter for the smartest and funniest Twitter accounts so you don't have to! Here's what made our cut for guaranteed giggles and laugh out loud LOLS.

1. Coffee Dad

Coffee Dad is a man who loves a good coffee and doesn't entirely understand how to hashtag. We really, really hope it's a parody, otherwise we're terrible people.

2. Every Tweet Ever

Think your POVs are unique on Twitter? Probably not! @EveryTweet_Ever sums up most peoples reactions to everything to remind us we're just like everyone else...

3. Lord Voldemort

Want to hear what the darkest wizard the world has ever known has to say in less than 140 characters? This is pure genius.

4. Feminist Swift

As much as we LOVE Tay Tay (and don't get us wrong, we freaking LOVE her), she does have a teensy rep for talking about the men in her life. Fortunately, Feminist Swift changes her lyrics to make them a little more 'down with the patriarchy', and it's brilliant.

5. Kim Kierkegaard

As the bio reads: "The philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard mashed with the tweets and observations of Kim Kardashian." Just like that, magic is made.

6. Kantye West

Add the same thing, but with Kanye West and the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Amazing.

7. Honest Toddler

If a toddler could tweet, this is what they would be saying.

8. No to Feminism

A parody account on all the reasons people should be against feminism.

9. Brilliant Ads

This account is the hall of fame for amazing ads that make you laugh and make you think.

10. Ch00ch

An owl wearing a suit that happens to be an hilarious tweeter.

11. Unfinished Scripts

You need to spend a little more time to read them, but if you invest the time it'll be SO worth it. The unfinished scripts are just perfect. Well they're not. Which is the whole point.

12. Preschool Gems

Preschool teacher tweets the cute and occasionally terrifying way her class thinks. This is the future people.

13. Wolf Puppy

We're not too sure what the theme is here, all we know is this wolfy Twitter account is consistently hilarious.

14. Sexy Executive

Probably the most fake-boring Twitter account belonging to an office worker but not really. This is what The Office would look like if it had Twitter.

15. Tweet Like A Girl

Taking the p*ss out of typical teen girls everywhere.

16. Vice Is Hip

Vice, for anyone who might not know, is an unusual magazine which uses immersive journalism, i.e. putting themselves into a situation to then write a first-person piece. Although this can be fascinating, the Internet holds no prisoners, and we can't help but chuckle at those poking fun at Vice Is Hip.

17. Fake Pinterest

Need fun and cool Pinterest ideas? Don't go on this page. You'll just be ruthlessly mocked.

18. Old Man Search

According to the bio: "My dad is 83 years old. I'm teaching him how to use the internet. I told him twitter was how to search things on Google. These tweets are what he's searching." We like to think he's telling the truth. You can't make this stuff up."

19. Zooey Asks Siri

Someone likes to imagine what manic pixie girl Zooey Deschanel would ask Siri, and we like to read these musings.

20. Sixth Form Poet

This guy is too funny. It's really no wonder he has 143k followers and we can't even get our parents to follow us...

21. Friends Season 11

Someone imagines the long-winded, ridiculous and scraping the barrel episode titles if Friends had carried on making series.

22. Banksy Ideas

Trying to force really lame political statements on the form through the art of Banksy, yeah?

23. New York Times Minus Context

New York Times is probably the most respectable and well-reputed newspaper is the world, but that doesn't stop it from sounding pretty silly when the writers are taken out of context...

24. And, of course, Jaden Smith

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