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12 WhatsApp Experiences You’ve Probably Had

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 WhatsApp Experiences You’ve Probably Had© WeHeartIt

WhatsApp has launched a web-based version of the hugely popular phone app, meaning that you can now chat in the same conversations you've been having on your phone, but on your desktop. *Cough* MSN anyone?! Either way, we're wondering whether the usual dangers of using the app on your phone will apply to it's computer counterpart. Here's 12 WhatsApp experiences you MUST have had by now...

Having random photos saved to your camera roll

Having your friend send you inspirational quotes, screenshots of text message conversations for advice and stupid photos of you both as teenagers - then having someone ELSE flick through your camera roll is always awks.

Being hyper aware of when someone is throwing shade

Those two blue ticks are so unholy. You may as well just message them saying 'I don't want to talk to you. I simply can't be bothered.' That would be less frustating at least.

Knowing someone has read your message and isn’t replying

Is there anything more condemning than seeing their 'last online' time is LATER than the message they have yet to read? Relationships have been destroyed this way.

Group chat messages that just. Won’t. STOP!

When your friends move away from anything concerning you and yet your sweet, sweet battery is draining away at every new message alert...it's just painful.

The frustration when the send button goes transparent

No Wifi, 4G or 3G. What is this, 2003?!

Disappearing messages

Is there anything more frustrating as seeing half the message on your phone's main screen, then going onto Whatsapp to find it hasn't arrived yet? We'll answer the question. No. Nothing is more frustrating.

Accidentally pressing the voice record button, then panicking


Immediate FOMO when you quit a group (accidentally or on purpose)

When group messaging becomes too much, sometimes exiting can be the only way to cope. But what if your friends continue in that thread for weeks to come? You start missing out, and have no one to blame but yourself.

Having issues with your profile picture


Vaguely wondering if anyone ever changes their Whatsapp status

Who are the people who change their status to 'At the movies' or 'Can't talk, Whatsapp only.' Who even calls people anymore?!

Being woken up at 4 in the morning by the six Whatsapps in a row via your studying abroad friend

Apparently global instant messaging knows no boundaries. Also, putting everything you have to say into one long message without pressing 'send' in between each sentence is way too hard.

Having to make it clear that you’re going to sleep so you can stop messaging them with suspicion

"Hi sorry I'm going to go to bed now, talk tomorrow!" Roughly translates to: "HOW DO I MAKE YOU STAHP?!"

Receiving chain messages from your older relatives

"Share with three people or die in three days." Seriously guys, this isn't your hotmail account for the early noughties. Get out of here.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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