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12 Annoying Things Men Do At The Gym That Need To STOP

by Vivian KELLY ,
12 Annoying Things Men Do At The Gym That Need To STOP© Just Bieber Twitter

Sick and tired of that guy at the gym who doesn't stop staring at you? Can't stand the cocky juicers who have no gym etiquette what so ever? Girl, we know exactly how you feel. So we decided to put it out there and let guys know what really annoys the crap out of us. Ladies, here are 12 annoying things men do at the gym that must stop NOW.

Gym-goers this is a MUST read.

1. You never wipe the sweat off...

...your face or the bloody seat. Nasty.

2. Grunting uncontrollably

Seriously, no one wants to hear what you sound like when you're pounding away in the bedroom...

3. Cutting the water queue

Excuse me, what makes you think you're more worthy of water than the rest of us? Cocky b*stard.

4. Playing your music on full blast

You'll need a hearing aid before you're 40. #justsaying

5. Sweaty gym selfies

There's nothing wrong with a bit of self love but sometimes it goes too far. We'd rather not see your veins about to burst out of your arms, thanks.

6. Chatting us up while we're working out

These guys couldn't be more ridiculous. Do you actually think we're interested in speaking to you when we're running like crazy and trying not to die? No. We. Are. Not.

7. Throwing your muddy trainers about

Running cross country? Fabulous, but please keep your dirty trainers in the locker when you come to work on your biceps. Gyms aren't for tough mudders, sorry.

8. Ogling women

We often stare back because we think you're a weirdo, not because we fancy you. Please stop eye raping the sh*t out of us.

9. Wearing shorts that may as well be Speedos

No one cares how muscular your thighs are. Not even your gym buddy.

10. Chatting loudly to your mates

Him: I'm such a lad.
Her: Shut. The. Hell. Up.

11. The funky smell

You're more than likely to smell after a work out, we get that. (Hell we even do.) But when you make zero effort to put last minute deodorant on before the gym and you suffocate the whole gym with your STENCH, well yeah, we're gunna be pissed.

12. The wife beater, oh the wife beater...

Boy, put those muscles away and wear something normal.

Here are some motivational words to get you through your next workout sesh...

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What are your biggest pet peeves at the gym? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Vivian KELLY
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