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Boutique Fitness: The New Trend You Need To Try This Year

by Vivian KELLY ,
Boutique Fitness: The New Trend You Need To Try This Year© Weheartit

Bored of the same mundane gym exercises? Craving something new and inspiring for 2015? With demands of more effective fitness routines we've finally seen the rise of a brand new trend that might just be what we need. Boutique fitness - the new concept combines luxury facilities, intimate training, full attention from trainers and most importantly, MAXimum results. Curious? Here's what you need to know about this rising trend....

  1. · Project Fit
  2. · Barrecore
  3. · Edge Cycle
  4. · Hotpod yoga
  5. · Speedflex

Boutique fitness, the new concept popping up across Britain is one of the fastest growing fitness trends out there. Why? Because it targets what YOU want and what YOU need from your workout.

Project Fit co-founder and trainer, Joel Hilton says, "There's a real trend for boutique fitness concepts which is seeing people abandon their monthly gym memberships and opt for new, effective fitness classes that really do get the results people want".

Think about it. Most of us have dropped money on gym memberships we didn't use. Yeah you know what we're on about - the membership you paid £50 plus for but only made it to class once every two weeks? That one.

Guilt aside, it's not really your fault. What you need is something you can get more out of. Like, advice from a personal trainer? Beautiful, well kept facilities (who doesn't want that)? More motivation? REAL results?

This new concept is everything you want in one single class. In a nutshell it's...

  • Intimate - classes take place in smaller settings.
  • Personal - you get more attention from your trainer leaving room for modifications.
  • Specialised - choose a class that suits your needs.
  • Better facilities - because they're smaller, it's usually better managed.
  • Motivating - you won't ever want to let your classmates down.
  • Creates community - have fun and get the support you need while working towards your fitness goals.
  • More effective than the gym - especially for beginners.

Although boutique fitness classes are growing Joel still believes there's a place for mainstream gyms. However, "unless people have the knowledge about fitness to get the most out of their memberships, the gym can be a very daunting place.

"It’s also harder to train by yourself and motivate yourself to work harder and to your full potential, which is why many people find it hard to get the results in the first place," says Joel.

Nowadays we hardly have time to cook dinner, let alone have a proper lunch break. So when it comes to keeping active and working out often people don't give it a lot of time. "For this reason, it's crucial that the time spent exercising is effective, ensuring you work hard and use the proper technique to avoid injury.

This is where boutique fitness comes in."Classes which are held in smaller fitness studios offer a more personalised approach helping to combat this problem," says Joel.

Bottom line? They're intimate, personal and cost-effective. What more could you want? To help you get started we sussed out the the top 5 boutique classes you need to try and why. Here's where to book...

Project Fit

Project Fit mixes intense cardio with effective body transformation exercises for fast, effective results. Think Barry's Bootcamp, only personal.

"Boutique fitness concepts such as Project Fit, offer many advantages in comparison to traditional gym memberships. Users can pay as they go and get the opportunity to add variety to their workouts, allowing them to mix-up the exercises they’re doing which will really help achieve desired results," says Joel.

And for once, you might actually have a name! Joel says, "Here at Project Fit, we know all of our customers, we understand their goals and we’re dedicated to helping them achieve them." So whether you're trying to blast that last little bit of belly fat or trying to get fit for 2015, boutique classes like this one can really put you in a good position.

The format of the class uses a variation of techniques including, suspension training, BOSU balls, resistance bands, conventional weights, benches and state of the art treadmills.​

Just simply turn up to class and let the trainer do all the hard work for you. In a motivational environment like this you'll never be bored of working out again. Book now.


Wondering where Jourdan Dunn gets her svelte frame from? She recently admitted that one of her favourite ways to prep and keep fit for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is by practicing Barrecore. And like her, you can too.

If a leaner, stronger and slimmer physique is what you're after then this ballet-inspired class is the one to pick. The concept combines interval training and static stretches targeting each muscle group in your body squeezed into a quick, 60 minute session. There's tons of variety to suit your needs as well, pick from cardio based, HITT based, mixed, band or even dance based!

This will ensure you're getting exactly what you want out of each class. Barrecore's benefits include (but are not limited to) improved posture, reduced body fat, firm muscles, better posture and a strong, hard rock stomach.

Wanna be runway ready? Book now. P.S. You can even do classes online.

Edge Cycle

Never thought you could burn up to 1,000 calories in a single, 45 minute sesh? Thing again my friend. Edge Cycle director and trainer, Belinda Shipman says, "Edge Cycle Bootcamp is an exciting new group exercise class that fuses indoor cycling with innovative boot camp style exercises.

"The concept taps into the trend of HIIT training and combines a mixture of fast-paced cycling and floor based strength exercises to increase your heart rate and maximise your calorie burn long after your session finishes.

Combine these classes with the right changes to your diet and lifestyle (i.e. moderating drinks, quitting smoking, getting more sleep)​ and see an improvement in your heart health, blood pressure and body. Book now.

Hotpod yoga

If you're not the hardcore type, don't worry there are still options. Hotpod Yoga's concept is based on classic Vinyasa-flow yoga - a balanced sequence of active and passive postures, synchronised with each breath.

Some of benefits include strength-building, toning and re-energising the body. If weight loss is what you're after this is also a great too. Each one hour class can burn up to 700 calories making this class ideal for yoga lovers and those trying to lose weight as well.

The best part? The intimate classes will help relax and de-stress your mind. Not to mention, being able to imagine you're on a tropical island whilst ohmming in 36-38 degree heat. We feel good just thinking about it.

What are you waiting for? Get the body and piece of mind you need. Book now.


This new concept combines the best of both workouts, cardiovascular and resistance training. And we promise you, it's like no others you've tried. Speedflex trainer, Graham Peycke says, "Speedflex is a high intensity, low impact, circuit-based group training class involving circuits featuring unique Speedflex machines, which automatically respond to and create resistance levels based on the individual’s force, combined with auxiliary stations for a TOTAL body workout.

"You'll also be equipped with heart rate monitors and motivated to work to their maximum potential with little to no post exercise muscle soreness in the following days." Sound too good to be true?

Well, there's only one way to find out. Attending regular sessions will see accelerated fat loss, improved muscle tone, increased strength and improved power and speed. What have you got to lose ladies? Book now.

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