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Selfies, One Direction & 100 Happy Days: 27 Things We Need To Get Over

by Lareese Craig ,
Selfies, One Direction & 100 Happy Days: 27 Things We Need To Get Over

What do One Direction, Starbucks and yoga all have in common? They’re all viral and not in a good way. That’s what. We’re all guilty of sharing sh*t on social media but seriously, food porn, selfies, 100 happy days and serial Breaking Bad statuses… is there nothing more to our lives? Here’s 27 things we need to get the hell over. Fast.


1. Breaking Bad

Yes it was amazing. Yes the ending left us devastated. But watching the whole 5 seasons again and again on Netflix won’t bring Walt back.

2. Coffee

So you're a blogger or an intern and you can’t afford staple food items right now. But overpriced coffee from Starbucks with your name on the cup? Instagram daily.

3. Selfies

One or two? Fine. But every single day? Nobody wants to be THAT girl.

4. The Weather

There’s small talk and then there’s weather talk. It’s even worse than being stuck in a lift with a stranger. A pretty sunset pic we can forgive but a status stating that it’s raining… it makes us hate humans.

5. Healthy Living

We get it. You’re on a health kick. Except, that health kick isn’t really happening until you update your Insta with a #healthyliving #eatgreen hashtag. Even when green juice tastes like cack, somehow, when it’s photographed on a cute wooden table with a carefully placed book/vase of flowers/tablecloth, it’s suddenly super shareable. #yawn

6. Shakes

Herbalife, protein, meal replacements. They don’t taste good so why lie? What the hell happened to solid food?


Apparently we can’t get through life without a bit of guidance from Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe and Bey.

8. Flowers

Cherry blossom is a favourite, then there’s lilies and roses and the vase of flowers on the table in your restaurant. They’re just too pretty not to snap. Seriously, will we ever get over flowers? Probably not.

9. Hot Dog Legs

We’ve all fallen victim to this pose. We NEED to make sure everyone knows that we’re on holiday and bringing back a tan.

10. Your Holiday

How long should you leave it before you can put up a #takemeback pic? Days? Hours?

11. Exercise Apps

Nike Run, Fit Snap, Run Keeper, if we exercise we need to document that sh*t and hashtag it with a #PB.

12. Yoga

Does anyone care that you can now do a Lotus in yoga now? Definitely not, but you haven’t wasted four months chasing your zen for nothing.

13. 100 happy days

Well that’s a lie. No one is happy for 100 days straight. You might be eating good food, hanging out with your friends or sipping cocktails on the sun lounger but at some point in those 100 days you will be openly miserable.

14. TBT

And here’s another old picture....from last week…

15. Manicures

It took you three hours to paint your nails and get over the mistakes and now you’re going to pretend you enjoyed it. OK #summernails

16. Primark

It’s not that cheap. It’s not that good. But, when we get home with all those useless brown bags? Come to mumma...

17. Hangovers

Suffer in silence and get a Dominos? No, we’ve got to make sure the world knows we feel dog rough and that we’re never ever drinking again.

18. Hashtaging

There’s something very cringe about tagging words to go with a picture. But it’s oh so addictive.

19. Food porn

Would you still be taking this photo if you had ordered a sloppy cottage pie? Thought not. But if it’s a leafy salad. Bingo. People will think you’re so effing healthy.

20. Living in London

Your rent costs a fortune, your pores are filthy and you have a fight on the tube most mornings. But London’s still #AMAZING #lovelondon #ilovemycity

21. Vintage

It’s just old stuff. And it smells. What’s the obsession?

22. Nandos

Nothing compares to the rush of walking into a Nandos with a full chicken on your card. Nothing.

23. Festivals

You’re going to wear flowers in your hair, stop washing for five days and then mope when it's all over. We get it.

24. Internet Quizzes

What Disney princess are you? Really… where is your life going?!

25. Your offspring

Because we love to keep up to date with what your baby's doing now. And now. Oh and now.

26. Paperchase

We're gonna go ahead and say it, it's not THAT good guys.

27. One Direction

There's five lads and yet we only really care about one of them. Time we got over the Harry complex?

Got any other thoughts on things we need to #getover? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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