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The Girl Code: 23 Things Every Best Friend Should Know

by Vivian KELLY ,
The Girl Code: 23 Things Every Best Friend Should Know© Getty

Best friends are so much more than just friends. Like sisters, they can drive you crazy, make your angry and even bring you to tears. But when you're this close it's totally normal to get all emotional. After all, best friends make the perfect therapists. But only if they adhere to the golden rules. From standing clear of exes to cheering you up when you're down, here's 22 girl codes rules every BFF should know...

1. Never get with an ex. Period.

It doesn't matter if she dated him for 3 years or 3 months, getting with an ex is strictly against the girl code of conduct. Is he really worth losing your best friend over? Never.

2. Don't mock her style

We're flattered and all but no girl wants a clone of herself. Stay true to what's original to you and find your own signature style.

3. Don't be man hungry

Your life needs to be more than just men! We love talking about guys, but we can't do it 100 PERCENT of the time. Take interest in other things and she'll love you like no other.

4. Never ditch her

Especially when it comes to boys. If you're on a night out with your bestie don't ditch her for your crush. It's wrong on all levels.

5. Honesty is the best policy

Best friends rely on each other for truth. If she's embarrassing herself, tell her. If she asks how she looks, be honest. As long as you're tactful and sensitive you can't really get mad at your bestie for telling the truth.

6. Don't judge other women

She may look better than you, have more money than you and even have a hotter boyfriend than you BUT that doesn't mean you can talk crap. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Get rid.

7. Don't be negative

Because there's nothing worse than being around a negative Nancy all day.

8. Don't dish dirt

Secrets aren't secrets unless you share them with your BFF. But if she tells you one, you've gotta keep it secret and safe.

9. Comfort

Sometimes girl codes extends outside our circle of friends. If you ever see a crying woman alone it's your duty to help. Women stick together.

10. You're her bodyguard (especially on night's out)

When you're dancing away with your bestie you're sure to come across a lot of random creeps. Besties are the only one's that can ward off weirdos. (Even if you have to pretend to be lovers.)

11. Teeth check

If your girl has crumbs on her face or food in her teeth, TELL HER. Best friends always save each other from potentially embarrassing disasters. You got this.

12. Don't be a hater

Be happy for your BFF, whatever her success. We should never live to envy our friends. Instead consider her your inspiration.

13. Remember, it's all about two way conversations

Friends are always there to help each other through life's dramas, but if you're the kinda friend that talks about herself All. The. Damn. Time. Then it needs to stop. Woman up!

14. Sex talk is SACRED

Anything and everything she says to you about her sex life is never to leave the room. (There's nothing worse than you ex-boyfriend finding out what you really thought of him.)

15. Dumping policy

If your BFF just got dumped, emotional support is required by phone immediately and in person within the next 24hrs. No excuses.

16. Time Of The Month sympathy

Boyfriends? Pfft, they don't have a clue. But our best friends know what we're going through.

17. Never upload crappy photos of them

Never. Ever. Attempt to upload an obviously bad photo of your friend. On any social media. Otherwise, be ready. #DramaAlert

18. Always make sure she gets home safe - dunk or sober

It doesn't matter who's out, if your bestie blacks out early you gotta put her in a taxi and go back with her. The cons of being a true friend. Deal.

19. Don't cuss out her boyfriend

You don't need to like him, but we recommend you don't get involved. That's her job.

20. Reply to all texts

It would be rude not to.

21. Never borrow her clothes and return them ruined

Fake tanning marks, deodorant residue, missing buttons and random rips? Sort it or replace it.

22. Don't talk shit...

... behind her back. Sometimes friends make mistakes but this isn't one of them.

23. You're her support system

If she's feeling down or insecure it's your job to lift her spirits and pick her back up. After all, that's what best friends are for, right?

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