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20 Things Boyfriends Do Unintentionally That Piss Us Off

by Cliche Wynter ,
20 Things Boyfriends Do Unintentionally That Piss Us Off© Getty

Our boyfriends mean the world to us, we swear. So it's with absolute love that we share these words: sometimes they can really piss us off! We know it's not always their intention to get on our nerves, but unfortunately it happens. Here are a few things they do that absolutely irk the bejesus out of us. *Inhales deeply*

1. Ignore our calls and texts while out with friends

When they're on a date with us, it seems their phones are never out of their hands. However, when it comes time for them to hit the town with their friends, suddenly the phone has been surgically removed. Can you believe that miracle? It came just in time for them to miss ALL 15 of our phone calls and 30 of our disgruntled texts. Oh, the joy. The sweet, sweet joy.

2. Leave the toilet seat up

Seriously. We're not sure how many times we can say this but, PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN AFTER YOU'RE DONE. Yes we used all caps. It's that serious.

3. Chew with their mouths open

Please stop chewing with your mouth open. It's not cute and it won't help get you laid.

We're also highly knowledgeable on how the digestive system works, so we'll forgo the live demonstration. Thanks though.

4. Being indecisive about dinner plans

Us: What do you want for dinner, babe?
Him: Oh, I don't know whatever you want.
Us: Awesome. Let's have chicken.
Him: Nah. I had that last week
Us: Okay, so what would you like?
Him: I don't know.

UGH! Where. Will. It. End?

5. Overly interested in our phones while protective of theirs

Mhmm.. That's right. Technology strikes again! They'd be damned if they granted us access into their phones, but whenever there's an incoming call or message on our devices, suddenly they're Inspector Gadget. Typical.

6. Stop doing the little things it took to win us over

We don't understand what the deal is with this. All those sweet little things they did in the beginning like text us 'Good Morning' and call to make sure we made it home okay, still matters after we've exchanged the words "I love you."

​You'd think they would want to do it more after they've developed real feelings for us, but no.

7. Constantly show up late

Just know that when they say they're 5 minutes away, that's code for "I'll be there in another 30." Poor us standing around waiting in our 6 inch stilettos. No big deal. Take your time.

8. Snoring

We know they can't really help this one. But we can't help that we're cranky after a sleepless night either. See where we're going with this?

9. Throw their clothes on the ground

When we're done cleaning the house, their clothes suddenly turn into confetti. There's a party over here and it solely includes his pants being flung on the ground (and not in the sexy way either).

10. Say they're going to do something "soon" but never do it

Most of the time they say it so we will stop hounding them. However, after we ask them to put away their laundry a million times and it's still sitting there a week later, chances are, we're going to be upset.

11. Leave things undone

We're talking about cabinets being left open, the bed being left unmade and a sink full of dirty dishes. Gross. Just get 'em done.

12. Get overzealous when discussing their celebrity crush

Yeah, yeah, yeah. She has an awesome body. We got the memo and we've seen her pictures (all over your computer and Instagram). We have celeb crushes, too. The difference? We aren't always gushing over them. Follow suit and keep it cute, fellas.

13. Cheat on us...with their computers

With our busy schedules, sometimes making quality time for our partners can be tough. But we still make the effort. Them on the other hand? They're just fine with their computer; even after we've suggested a movie night in.

14. Eat ALL of our good snacks

Then they have the nerve to ask "What happened to the rest of the ice cream?" Well, there would be some left had you not eaten it all. Didn't think of that one, now did you?

15. Offer to come shopping with us, only to be miserable

Hey, you offered! So what's with the strop?

For some women (us included) shopping is as sacred as ancient religious rituals. Basically, we mean business. We know they're trying to be sweet by coming along. However, that's negated the moment they begin to complain about it taking too long.

​We love you. But please, just stay home.

16. Take longer to get ready than we do

We have to shave, do our hair, try on several outfits until we find the one, and do our makeup. Yet, they somehow manage to take longer to get ready than we do. It's an art form, we tell ya.

17. Give insincere apologies

They sometimes think the best solution to an argument is to quickly give an apology, even before they understand what they did wrong. The problem with insincere concessions? Their offense will more than likely happen again. Only next time, our anger will intensify to dangerous levels.

18. Forget to rinse the sink

Whether it be beard shavings or leftover toothpaste, they tend to forget to rinse the sink after they're done using it. We guess that's what we're here for.

19. Don't tell us they'll be coming home late

It would be nice to get a little heads up, ya know? We worry for your safety, too.

20. Ask "what's the big deal?"

Because to them, little to nothing is ever a big deal.

What are some things your boyfriend does that pisses you off? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Cliche Wynter
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