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12 wedding planning apps that will save your sanity

by Maria Bell ,
12 wedding planning apps that will save your sanity© Pinterest

If you’re anything like us at sofeminine HQ, your smartphone is like a fifth limb. And this extra adopted body part comes in particularly handy when you’re planning your wedding. What used to be left to scrapbooks, magazine cuttings and multiple folders on your desktop can now be organised, simplified and glorified by apps on your smartphone. We needed to check them out.

If you're getting married, these are the apps that will govern organising your wedding for you. From picking out colour combinations, flowers, invitations – even organising your seating plan – these apps will make the whole process a heck of a lot easier to manage.

But these aren’t just about the practical side of things, oh no. Although planning your wedding is full of stress (and expense), it’s good to remember that it’s also the most fun too. Getting excited about beautiful bouquets or getting inspiration for DIY projects is all part of the package – and that package is one perfect looking wedding.

So here are the 12 wedding apps that every bride needs to know about.

1. Pinterest

We kind of think Pinterest should just take the plunge and rename themselves Wed-terest. Maybe not so catchy but the best thing about Pinterest has got to be looking at all the incredible wedding photos on there. From favours to flowers, there is inspiration everywhere and all you have to do is download the app, make a board, then anything you see you can pin onto your own online ideas board. You can even make secret boards and invite your bridesmaids or anyone who is helping you organise, to pin things they see too.

2. Wedding Happy

For all you brides who are trying to do this on your own and pretty much have no clue what needs doing when, Wedding Happy is going to put a smile back on your overwhelmed faces. All you need to do is download it then put in your wedding date then it will create a timeline and list of what you need to do and when you need to do it. From what the reviews are saying, this one is a little lifesaver.

3. Flowerwheel

If you don’t know anything about flowers – and why should you – then Flowerwheel can help you pick out the flowers which are the right colour, have the right meaning, and bloom in the right season for your wedding. You can even refine your search so that you can browse by your colour scheme. You can then use the app to email the flowers over to your florist to show them exactly what you want.

4. Gift Registry 360

Registering your gifts at one place is so old news. With Gift Registry 360, you can register things from any shop onto one list just by scanning the barcode with your iPhone. It even automatically updates every time one of your guests has bought something from the list so everyone can see. Neat huh?

5. Awesome Note

Are you always making lists on scrap paper or in forgotten notes on your phone? Time to let technology help you, help yourself. With Awesome Note you can literally plan and record anything you like and keep it all in one super organised place. It’s a beautifully designed app with handy features and folders like a daily diary, photo albums, shopping lists, a notepad, a travel journal and more. You document everything from venue appointments (with space to store photos and make notes on what you thought) to your honeymoon flight details and itinerary. It’s also a great place to keep track of what you’ve done – with alarms and repeat tasks to remind you.

6. Postable

The relationship between girls and wedding invitations isn’t one that we’ll even try to understand, but with all that beautiful paper and fonts to contend with, you can easily forget to face the ordeal of gathering addresses. So unless you remember the address of your boyfriend’s aunt in Australia by heart, you might want to check out Postable. This app allows you to create a free account, add in the addresses of your guests then it sends them all an automated address form for them to fill in and send back. You then have all your addresses in one place. Genius.

7. Wedding Budget

Anyone who's actually managed to stick to their initial budget raise your hand. No seriously, get that hand up cos we wanna see who's lying here. Weddings are almost always going to cost more than you expected and unless you're incredibly organised, things are going to creep up on you. So with Wedding Budget you get to see exactly how much you're spending and what on, as you spend.

8. The Seating Planner +

​Who knew that seating plans could be such a hassle? Thankfully The Seating Planner + takes away a lot of the stress by letting you have a virtual visual plan of your seating arrangements. You can even import your guest list and each seated 'guest' has a profile that you can edit to make sure you know who's who (especially useful if you have a larger guest list) and what their eating requirements are. Chop and change as you go with minimal fuss and without the constant scribblings - hopefully things will go without a hitch.

9. Weddingsnap/Eversnap

Waiting to see the pictures from your big day is a thing of the past but with Wedding Snap/Eversnap you can see ALL of your guests' photos in one beautiful album. Just get your friends to sign up and upload their photos as soon as possible, you could even do it before the big day and have a place to collect your entire journey from engagement party to reception!

You even have the option of having them projected on a big screen at your reception for real time memories too. If you want to see them straight away, create a hashtag on Instagram and get your guests to use it whenever they take a shot on the day. You’ll have s stream of shots all in one place.

10. Fun Wedding/Spotify

Planning your wedding playlist should be easy right? Well actually it can be a lot harder than you think. So if you need some inspiration, just have a download of Fun Wedding and see the 200 most requested songs for weddings. If you've already got Spotify, then just use that to drag and drop songs or look up other people's playlists for a few ideas.

11. Brit + Co

Doing your wedding day DIY is becoming a big thing, especially as the costs of weddings can quickly escalate beyond your budget. So for constant creative and easy-to-master DIY ideas, just download Brit + Co. You can favourite the articles as they come, so any projects you want to progress are there right in front of you! Seriously, some of the ideas for bunting, favours and table decorations are just genius.

12. Appy Couple

Appy Couple is the wedding app to end all others and can be as private or as public as you want it to be. It enables you to connect with your guests and keep them updated with everything from your hen party to menu options. You can co-ordinate your guest list by linking Facebook. Organise your travel arrangements with automated widgets to update your guests with maps and hotels in the area. Plus you can gather all of your friends' photos and videos after the event. You can even (wait for it) send virtual Champagne toasts - we like, a lot.

Got another must-try app for brides-to-be? Tweet it to us @sofeminineUK!

Maria Bell
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