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What Really Happens When A Girl Proposes To Her Boyf

by Emmy Griffiths ,
What Really Happens When A Girl Proposes To Her Boyf© Imgur

Women proposing to men? Sounds incredibly spunky and here-and-now and of the moment. Why not? In our aim for equality why shouldn't we just get down on one knee and ask for his hand in marriage? It's not just a job for the boys. But before we get ready to pop the question consider this girl who proposed to her boyfriend in a public place... His reaction? Well…maybe the guys aren't ready for it.

Here she is! Ready to propose and be made the happiest woman alive, she gets down on one knee…

And her fiancé...


He doesn’t look delighted, does he?!

Is this the most miserable proposal ever? We're thinking... in the words of Monica Geller, there's a reason why girls aren't supposed to do this. What do you think? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
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