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27 Habits Every Girl Should Pick Up In Her Twenties

by Stephanie Ashley ,
27 Habits Every Girl Should Pick Up In Her Twenties© Getty

Your twenties are the perfect decade to set yourself some good habits that'll last a lifetime. Here are the rules for a happier, healthier forever.


1. Stand Up Straight

Want a way to instantly look more confident and prevent those little aches and pains in your back? Easy: just take note of your posture.

If you're relegated to a desk most of the day, you may find yourself in a habit of sinking down in your chair or hunching your shoulders over the keyboard. Don't give in! Straighten up that back and hold your head high. Trust us, it does wonders for sore muscles and automatically gives you that confident look.

2. Compliment Someone Every Day

We all love being complimented, even on the little things. Ever heard the phrase what goes around comes around? Put those good vibes out into the world by complimenting someone each and everyday.

Perhaps tell your coworker they did a great job on that last project, or tell your sister she looked fab in her Instagram post. Not only will this brighten someone else's day, but you'll always feel better making someone smile.

3. Take Off Your Makeup

Ugh, taking off makeup at night can be such a drag, especially when you've worked so hard to make sure it stays put all day long. But going to sleep with a full face of products on can do some serious damage to your skin. Make like Beyonce and take a moment to take it off.

4. Floss Twice A Day

You've been told this since you were a child, but it's actually a great habit to get into! Oral health is key to promoting overall physical well being. Keeping those pearly whites clean can help prevent diseases, like gingivitis and gum disease (yuck!), that could cause you some problems down the line.

5. Vent Your Anger

It's never good to keep your feelings bottled inside, and once you've entered the workforce, your worries will undoubtedly multiply. Find a safe and healthy way to vent that anger and frustration. Maybe try a mixed martial arts class! That way, you can stay fit and take those anxieties out on a punching bag. Not bad, eh?

6. Call Your Parents Every Week

It's a sad fact that in your twenties, you start to realize that you're actually growing older; and as you grow older, so do your parents. Not only that, but unlike during those rebellious teenage years, you now realize just how cool your parents actually are!

Make sure you take time to visit your parents when you can. If you live away from them, a phone call can still mean the world to them. Just let them know you're alright, you love them, and you'll always be their baby!

7. Laugh Often

Laughter is literally the best form of medicine. The physical act of laughing actually releases endorphins, so it's actually scientifically proven to improve your mood. Try finding the humor in the little things around you, and if you need a little extra motivation to get those giggles going, try this!

8. Clean

No, the idea of getting on down hands and knees with some Windex does not fill us with joy either, but deep cleaning the house once every week is one of the best habits you can foster for the rest of your life.

Not only will your house be pristine when you want to invite some, ahem, unexpected company over, but going over those kitchen and bathroom counters with antibacterial wipes every week will help keep away pesky germs. No one likes a cold!

9. Read A Good Book Every Month

Okay, the word "good" is certainly up for debate, so let's clarify: try putting a non-fiction book or work of literature under your belt once a month. Instead of indulging in another romance novel (though those DEFINITELY have their perks), try something new, like a biography or a history book. Knowledge is power.

If you've got a long commute to work, try listening to an audiobook or downloading an eBook to your smartphone instead.

10. Workout On The Regular

This one is naturally a given; keeping your body fit and healthy is key to a happy life. Don't think your workout has to be all sweat and no fun, though! For a fun workout that feels more like a party, try out SoulCycle.

Still having trouble finding time in your schedule to get in a good workout? Try a quick interval workout, or a few of these exercising life hacks!

11. Volunteer

There's no better use of your time than helping those in need. There are hundreds of causes out there for whatever you are most passionate about. Once a month, take a few hours to volunteer at an event near you.

Are furry friends your thing? Find out if your local animal shelter needs a few helping hands. Want to help women in need in your area? Find out if the local women's center has any programs you can help out with. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but just a few hours of your time could make all the difference in someone else's life.

12. Make A Weekly Pampering Routine

We all love to indulge in a little "me time," but most of the time, we're lucky just to get a few hours of R and R. Don't let yourself get run down. Instead, fit time into your schedule just for you. Take a bath, or try one of these DIY at home beauty tricks. They will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed for the week ahead!

13. Drink Smoothies

Put down that fifth cup of coffee and try something new! Cleanses and smoothies are praised for their miraculous healing properties, and while many of these claims are seriously overblown, certain smoothies do have great health benefits. Instead of a smoothie filled with sugar, try one with green ingredients, like kale, avocado, or cucumber, that are proven to help your heath.

14. Have A Bedtime

Are you nodding off at the desk more often than not? Make sure you're getting the right amount of sleep every night by setting a strict bedtime for yourself.

If you're having trouble getting yourself into bed, try starting a nighttime routine. Before getting into bed, try taking a bath or listening to relaxing music. By doing this every night before sliding into bed, your body will get into a rhythm. It will begin to pick up on the cues that you're ready for sleep.

15. Make Time For Friends

Don't let your best friends slide to the wayside. Sometimes, even friendships take a backseat to work and relationships and sleep, but make sure you build time into your schedule to let your closest pals know you still care. A girls' night out at the club may be just what the doctor ordered!

16. Go To Networking Events

You've heard it before: networking is integral in taking your career to the next level. Whether within your office or in your wider career field, making connections with other professionals can mean the difference between getting that promotion or not. Your twenties are the perfect time to get started too - you never know what opportunities may come your way.

Try going with your coworkers out to the pub and getting in some social time. The more your coworkers value you as a person, the more they will value you as an asset to their team. If you're wanting to network with others in your career field, LinkedIn and NetParty are great places to start!

17. Track Your Finances

It is always a good time to track your finances, whether you're pinching pennies, saving up for a trip, or doing alright for yourself. The best way to avoid debt and know there's money there when you need it is to track everything you spend money on.

Sounds tedious? It doesn't have to be! Some of the best budgeting apps out there make it easy to see where you're spending your money and where you could stand to cut back.

18. Plan A Vacation

If you're not in college anymore, it's time to start expanding your vacation destinations outside just home and Cancun. Where have you always wanted to visit? Save up your money, and start planning ahead. There's no time like the present--you're not getting any younger!

19. Cook An Actual Meal

The days of subsisting on ramen noodles and takeout are long past! When you get home from work, the last thing you want is another monumental task, but cooking doesn't have to be a struggle.

If you're not a natural whiz in the kitchen, check out your fave Pinterest board for some simple recipe inspiration. Try planning at least two, well balanced, home cooked meals a week, for a start. Pretty soon, you'll love being in the kitchen. If not, remember that home cooked meals are always healthier for your body - and your wallet!

20. Make Time For Hobbies

We all have those little hobbies that calm us down and give us the warm fuzzies. Whether it's drawing, reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, making crafts, or just walking the dog. Take time away from work, cleaning and all those other things that can cause you stress, and just relax with your fave activity.

21. Have Sex often

If you're in a relationship, sex is pretty key to keeping the magic alive, but if you're single, you shouldn't let your sex life run dry! Sex is actually great for your health, and you don't need a partner to get all the benefits of a big O. There's absolutely no shame in spending some alone time with your vibrator.

22. Moisturize

We all hope our skin remains as smooth and elastic as it is in our twenties, but let's face it, once we reach a certain age, those wrinkles and crinkles will start to show. Sigh. Now's the time to give your skin some TLC and start off with the basics: moisturizer! Try an oil-free moisturizer with no parabens - perfect for sensitive skin.

Have oily or acne-prone skin and scared moisturizer might just make everything worse? Never fear; many beauty brands, like the lovely folks over at Kate Somerville, make moisturizers specifically designed to target your skin type!

23. Spring Clean Your Friends

Not everyone you meet or hang out with will become your friend, and even if you think they're fun to party with, they may not be the best influence. Be careful who you let into your inner circle, and only surround yourself with people who will build you up.

Now may be the time to take a look at the people around you and decide whether or not you truly need them in your life. It may sound harsh, but sometimes, you have to do what's best for you.

24. Don't Go Outside Without Sunscreen

Again, your skin won't always be this stunning! Though the sun can give you a glowing tan, it can also wreak utter havok on your skin and health. Protect yourself from those harmful UV rays by always, always, ALWAYS putting on sunscreen before leaving the house.

Pick a foundation for your face that already has sunscreen protection, so you aren't overloading your face with products. If you're out on the town in a sundress or shorts, make sure your arms and legs are protected too.

25. Do Everything in Moderation

With age comes responsibility (ugh), so it's time to cut back on the things that aren't so good for us. Instead of binge drinking alongside your fave television show or sports team, take a step back and try out some water. Obsessed with girl scout cookies or cheese crackers? Don't down the whole box--think what that will do to your love handles! Moderation is your mantra, and trust us, it works.

26. Drink More Water

Water is essential to your body health; every system in the body depends on water to function. It helps to flush toxins, deliver nutrients, and keep you from getting dehydrated.

The average woman should drink about 9 cups of total drinks per day, but take note of what you're drinking. If you're reaching for a Coca-Cola too often, try swapping it for some water. It has more health benefits, no sugar and none of the teeth staining side effects!

27. Meditate

Often in our lives, we feel so rushed and busy, we don't take time to just sit down and think. Set some time aside during the day to sit alone in a quiet place and think. Not about work or worries, but more about calming and centering yourself. Once you feel grounded in yourself and your goals, everything else will come more easily!

What habits do you keep up for a healthy lifestyle? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Stephanie Ashley
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