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The Truth About Lady Bits: 20 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Vagina

by Vivian KELLY ,
The Truth About Lady Bits: 20 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Vagina© Getty

Your vagina is pretty damn amazing - it has the power to give birth, self-clean and keep you and your partner pretty happy (endorphins anyone?). But there's still a fair few facts about our vajayjays that might take you by surprise. Like using menstrual blood to save lives? Or sharing the same organic substance as sharks? Yea, we didn't know either! This calls for some lady flower education...

No girl is ever fully educated on the amazing powers of the vagina. But they do a hell of A LOT more than we think so lets break the taboo and start talking all things V.A.G., because really, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's time we paid homage to our lady bits and got the right facts out there once and for all. Here are 20 crazy facts you might not know...

1. To strengthen your vagina just imagine it’s a straw

You need to tone your whole core to keep your vagina strong. Wendy Powell is an internationally recognised expert in postnatal fitness (and as such knows a whole lot about the vagina). She says, that when it comes to vaginal strength, “Squeezing like you're trying not to wee won't cut it. The best thing to do is to imagine that your vagina is a straw and you're sucking up a smoothie. That'll do it. Or imagine picking up a peanut with your vagina.”

​P.S. Don’t literally pick up a peanut!

2. Menstrual blood may save lives one day

Women, saving lives? Yep. As our uterus clears out to prepare our bodies for pregnancy, scientists have found that stem cells in menstrual blood could potentially be added to treatments for sufferers of strokes, Alzheimer’s Diease, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Amyolateral Sclerosis. We're definitely taking over the world soon. ​

3. The vagina is self-cleaning

Vaginas naturally lubricate in order to stay clean and healthy. After women go through a menstrual cycle its important for a women’s vagina to produce discharge to clear away dead cells and keep it nice and peachy! Expect a half to two teaspoons of discharge per day.

4. The vagina can lift weights (seriously)

Russian woman, Tatyana Kozhevnikova has arguably the ‘world’s strongest vagina’ for lifting the most most weights with her vaginal muscles. Vagina weightlifting girls?!

5. Vaginas share something in common with sharks (No joke)

Both your vaj and sharks contain an organic substance called squalene. Vaginal lubricant and shark liver oil both share the same substance that’s sometimes even used in beauty creams and moisturisers an an emollient substance. Who'd have thought it?

6. Vaginal sweat is 100% necessary

Just like the rest of our bodies our woo woo's have the ability to sweat (with hundreds of tiny glands) so while we may not like the idea of sweating down there it's actually designed to protect our bodies from friction and overheating.

7. Your vagina goes beyond what the eye can see…

Have you ever found yourself taking a peak at your lady bits in the mirror? That’s your vulva, which is only the exterior. Wendy says, “Your vagina goes way up inside. It’s held up by ligaments inside your pelvis like a puppeteers strings and by balanced pressure inside your body." If you want to give your vaginal muscles a toning exercise to do you've got to "lift and draw up... to keep your vagina where it belongs. Don’t just squeeze the opening shut!” So that’s what we’ve been doing wrong, eh?

8. From lillies to orchids

The labia ranges in size from 3/4 inch to 2 1/3 inches, so whether you have a small ladyflower or slightly larger one there's no reason to be self-conscious.

9. Shaving and waxing can cause trauma!

Hair removal can often cause abrasions that can cause infection and spread. Particularly so with Brazilian bikini waxes which can cause micro-trauma which is at risk for a “pox-like” viral infection called Molluscum Contagiosum, otherwise known as 'water warts'. Ew.

10. Wearing high heels is bad for your vajayjay

Well the pelvic floor at least! Some people think they strengthen the vagina, but it can actually displace your uterus. Take’em off girl.

11. The clit has twice as many nerves as man bits

Although clitorises are smaller than penises, they actually contain at least 8,000 nerve endings with the penis only having about half that. And once it’s stimulated, the clitoris can affect 15,000 other nerve endings. Speechless!

12. Stick out your booty!

Why? Squeezing your bum shortens pelvic floor muscles and stops putting them to work! “Clenching your buttocks or tucking your backside underneath you (you're probably doing it now) is bad for your vagina and pelvic floor. Stick your bum out!” says Wendy.

13. Believe it or not, our clitoris is the female equivalent to a penis

The clit has erectile tissue that also grows and swells in size so when you're aroused, your clitoris emerges from the body, similar to a male’s penis! Hmm too much information?

14. Discharge is normal

Discharge is usually odourless, clear in colour and sometimes white. But if you have a yeast infection things can get really pretty ugly down there with cottage cheese like discharge and itchiness. Proper washing and cotton underwear can prevent this type of infection though so make sure you're keep things clean.

15. Pelvic Organ Prolapse is very common

Pelvic Organ Prolapse is very common (because no one talks about it!) but we all have a 12% risk of having an operation at least once during our lifetime. It’s not life threatening, but it can in fact affect your quality of life for sure.

16. Avoid sex after shaving or waxing

Never share your razor (even with your best friend) and avoid sexual contact until a few days after you've had your lady parts primped and primed. Unless you don't mind the irritation...

17. It's not just 'vagina'

Your whole genital region is frequently called 'vagina', but actually your vagina is only one part of it. There's also the vulva (outer region) which includes the inner and out labia, the clitoris, clitoral hood and the external urethral orfice. You don't say!

18. Don't forget your Kegel exercises

Not only can Kegel moves help you achieve orgasm, but without them a weak pelvic floor could cause you to suffer from embarrassing issues such as the inability to control your bowels and your bladder! Work these exercises into your daily routine and you'll be able to strengthen your pelvic muscles to behave at their best.

19. Sex keeps your vaj healthy

Having sex can prevent your vagina from drying out! Sounds obvious, but when our estrogen levels (which help keep our lady gardens lubricated) drop the vagina can dry out and things can even become painful during sex. To help soothe and hydrate, try this natural moisturiser from Sylk.

20. Probiotics can fight infections

The good bacteria in probiotics can help combat infections down below (and boost your immunity)! Studies have suggested probiotics are an excellent source to ward off vaginal infections such as yeast and bacteria. Sorted.

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Vivian KELLY
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