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Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water© Getty

Everybody knows drinking water is good for you, but after reading just how good it really is you'll be stockpiling 2 liter bottles of Evian like there's no tomorrow. Not only does it keep us, oh we don't know, ALIVE but drinking water helps us stay flu-free, focused, and looking great. If you're not convinced by that alone, here's 9 more mind-blowing health benefits of water.

  1. · It increases energy and focus
  2. · It helps with weight loss
  3. · It keeps you looking young
  4. · It boosts your natural defences
  5. · It helps prevent injury
  6. · It keeps your head happy
  7. · It keeps you cool
  8. · It enhances performance
  9. · It keeps you regular

So we spoke to Amy Shapiro, MS, RD and founder of Real Nutrition NYC to get the mind-blowing lowdown on why we need to drink MORE water. Seriously, this stuff is liquid health gold.

1. It increases energy and focus

Most people know that our bodies are mainly made up of water, but ever thought what that means for your brain? Amy says that as "your brain is mostly water, keeping it hydrated helps you to stay focused and keep going."

Instead of those few cups of coffee to get your going in the morning, try starting with a glass of water and see the difference it makes to your productivity.

2. It helps with weight loss

Trying to lose weight, but ignoring water for fear of bloating? As it turns out, Amy says you should be doing the exact opposite.

"Not only does water fill you up by taking up room in your stomach prior to meals, it also prevents false hunger cues. Often when we think we are hungry, we are simply dehydrated," she explains.

Next time a hunger pang hits you, try having a glass of water before reaching for a snack. It has zero calories and no artificial sweeteners, Amy notes, making it the perfect beverage option.

3. It keeps you looking young

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate beauty product, you needn't looking further than water; it's the best there is. Amy says that the most effective thing you can do to keep your skin looking young and radiant is to simply drink more water.

"Your body is mostly water and skin is our largest organ, so when it is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are more obvious," Amy says. "When you're hydrated, your skin glows instead of falling flat."

It's a no-brainer.

4. It boosts your natural defences

When you drink more water your body is less likely to fall victim to infection, Amy explains. Especially when it comes to easily passed germs and UTIs.

"Water helps to prevent you from getting sick by flushing out toxins in your body. It can prevent a cold, the flu, or a urinary tract infection," Amy states.

5. It helps prevent injury

A little known fact about hydration: You're less likely to pull a muscle when you're properly hydrated so always make sure you bring water to your workout.

Amy says, "Water helps to prevent muscle cramps and injury by allowing the muscles to move properly and repair quickly after workouts. It also keeps cartilage buoyant, preventing joint pain."

6. It keeps your head happy

Tired of popping two Advil a day for those incessant splitting headaches? Did you ever stop to think maybe the problem - and solution - is something much simpler than over-the-counter meds?

Keeping yourself well-hydrated could be the key to stopping those pesky headaches before they start, Amy says as "drinking water prevents headaches that are caused by dehydration."

7. It keeps you cool

Air conditioning is lovely and all, but when you need to cool down, Amy says drinking water is the best way to do it.

"Staying hydrated helps your body regulate its temperature through sweating," she explains. We knew there was an upside somewhere...

8. It enhances performance

Well, we've told you countless times that it's important to always have water by your side for workouts. But guess what? It does way more than just keeping you cool. It actually helps you to do better!

"Water can aid in enhanced sport performance," Amy tells us. "Our muscles are made up of 75% water. The more hydrated you are, the better they function."

9. It keeps you regular

It sounds a little gross, we realize but water is the clearest, purest, cleanest thing that you can put through your body. Amy explains that while other drinks - like coffee or soda - might mess with your digestion, water is consistently dependable.

"Water helps to keep your system running smoothly by helping you digest," Amy explains. "It also prevents constipation."

Food for thought.

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