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12 Signs That You’re Definitely A Cancer

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Signs That You’re Definitely A Cancer© WeHeartIt

Faithful, loveable and a little moody? Looks like you're a Cancer...

You’re a domestic goddess

You don’t like being away from home too long and tend to think that family and domestic bliss are the most important things in your life. As such you have never strayed too far from your hometown, and are thoughtful and loving to your family.

You are pop-u-lar

You have a wide circle of friendship, and each of your friendships means a lot to you. As such you pay attention and help out your friends as much as you can, and they will never forget it. How many times have you been a bridesmaid now, five? Six?!

You’re pretty quiet

You’re definitely not the loud ‘look-at-me’ type, but you’re better off for it. People always listen to what you have to say because they know you’re going to say something brilliant rather than just talking for the hell of it.

You’re crazy creative

You are always bursting with ideas and have just so say you want to say. Sometimes this can feel like you’ve made things too complex for yourself as your creativity gets ahead of you, but you shouldn’t give up!

You are always faithful

You're the best partner ever. You know, and dammit they should know it! You are completely faithful and wouldn't look twice in another person's direction when you know you're loyal to your SO.

You can be kind of clingy

Just because you are crazy about your partner, it doesn't mean that they need to be in your pocket 24/7, and the same goes for your friends! If you learned to let go of them you'd feel much happier!

You wear your heart on your sleeve

If you are upset or angry, dammit people are going to know about it! You don't see the point of keeping your feelings to yourself, you'd rather just say how you feel and resolve whatever the problem is that way.

You’re pretty protective of your personal belongings

There's protective, then there's refusing to let ANYONE touch your laptop except you and keeping most of your valuables in a safe. But you are a safe person, and that's a good thing! Just try not to be too convinced that everyone is out to nick your stuff.

You can be quite moody

You know you're not a person to keep your emotions to yourself, though this means you can become pretty moody when something doesn't quite go how you planned.

You tend to give up too easily

That novel getting too big and complicated for you? Chances are you'll quit and forget all about it rather than work through whatever issues you have. You tend to falter if something doesn't work out right away and convince yourself that it's never going to happen when you shouldn't! Have a little more faith in yourself and you can get past this!

You’re a bit of a nagger (sorry)

You can't help but grumble when something isn't done properly and your family can get a little wound up by your whinging at times, but hey! You're a creative, likeable, kind, faithful domestic GODDESS! You of all people should be allowed to blow off some steam!

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