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Ambitious, Practical And Shy? 16 Signs You’re A Total Capricorn

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Ambitious, Practical And Shy? 16 Signs You’re A Total Capricorn

Are you the person who knows how to fix pretty much anything? Can beat anyone in a game of chess? Love your work almost as much as your family? Amazing at sulking? Born between December 22nd – January 19th? Yep, sounds like you're a Capricorn...

You’re practical by nature

You are always the person to organise and navigate. You know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, know how to change a tyre without any problems, can spark up a BBQ without wanting to cry and let’s face it – in a zombie apocalypse you’d DEFINITELY be the one to survive out of your mates. #Sorrynotsorry

You’ve always been mature

You know when a teacher forgot to show up to a lesson and there was always that ONE student who would go and get a teacher? We’re looking at you Capricorn. It was ALWAYS you.

You’re a clever Trevor

You’re extremely intelligent and love watching quiz shows and playing games that mean using your brain (your Sudoku skills are ON POINT).

You can be a total Workaholic

Your ambition sometimes gets in the way and you become fixated with your job. Just remember there’s more to life than work!

You’re a shy guy

Although you are smart and ambitious, you can be incredibly shy and you usually don’t have an awful lot to say. This might make you seem a little self-centred and cold to people who don’t know you, so make the effort during introductions to get out of your comfort zone and smile more. It’ll do you the world of good!

You value logic above all else

People may laugh and call you Spok, but you could destroy any of them in a game of chess, so if anything the joke is on them! You love thinking logistically and you can’t understand people who lack common sense. To you, it’s as easy as breathing.

You can be a mood killer

With all of your intelligence, your shyness and your desire to work around the clock, you can on occasion be moody. Gloomy isn’t fun to be with, so try to let go a little when you go out with your friends.

You always have a plan

You have a mixture of pride and frustration with your bunch of pals as they always expect you to know what’s going on and have all of the plans sorted. But what if you don’t want to? What if it’s someone else's turn? Nah, it’ll always be down to you but face it: you kind of like it.

You seem kind of detached

You’re so busy with your job and your hobbies that you never seem to be in the moment, and it can make your friends and family feel like you don’t really want to be spending time with them. Not cool Capricorn!

No delusions of grandeur

You know that getting where you want doesn’t take luck but a lot of hard work and dedication. You never gamble or play the lottery, nor do you attempt to go for something that you know you’ll fail at.

You’re incredibly ambitious

People seriously envy your drive and passion in what you do, and you have flown to where you want to be in your career quickly and efficiently. You’re a practically perfect employee in every way, and you know your boss couldn’t last two measly seconds without you!

You are respectful

If people deserve your respect, you give it completely and fully. You have always treated your parents and superiors with courtesy and it never goes unnoticed.

You’re kind of unimaginative

We bet you were the one to watch Charlie and Chocolate Factory and point out how all of it was impossible, right? You can’t wrap your head around fantasy and make the worst storyteller ever. Just stick to reading books to your kids rather than making it up as you go along. It’ll be better for everyone involved.

You are SO sensible

Your catchphrase should be: “let’s think this through”. Spontaneity isn’t your strong suit, and that’s okay. If everyone was sky diving, base jumping and cliff jumping then there would be no paramedics to help them at the bottom would there? Just saying.

You’re a pessimistic Percy

CHEER UP MAN. You can be SUCH a drag to hang out with sometimes! Everyone has their problems but some people do a better job of putting on a happy face than you!

You possess the rare quality of patience

You have no problem waiting for something that’s WORTH waiting for. You can just put it out of your mind and not need to think about it again. This means you are amazing at making food that takes hours or even days, waiting for that promotion that you know will come along if you put in the work, and getting a new series of that TV show you’ve been waiting all year to start up again. It’s a virtue, so value it!

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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