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16 Reasons We Really Want A Girlfriend

by Cliche Wynter ,
16 Reasons We Really Want A Girlfriend© Getty

Aren't girlfriends awesome? That was the exact thought we had this morning when we realised how incredible we are to our (sometimes) undeserving boyfriends. So we got to thinking and pretty much had a genius idea. We figured, wouldn't it be amazing if we just tossed the male species aside and bagged girlfriends instead? Here's 16 reasons we really want one.

1. She'd always listen to our problems

Besides mums, girlfriends are essentially the only people on earth willing to not only listen to our issues, but actually care about them. It makes all the difference, really. She's there to empathise when you seethe over your a**hole sexist boss, and also help you make up with your sister.

2. She'd buy us gifts we actually like

Unlike boyfriends who sometimes buy the first item they catch on sale, girlfriends put thoughts into their gifts. So because they know us inside and out, they'd get us those sick pair of Giuseppe heels we've been eyeing for months. Come to mama!

3. Communicating would be EASY!

With a girlfriend, we wouldn't have to sit with our arms folded while pouting to let her know there's something wrong. Get this... we'd actually be able to have a discussion about all our feelings. You know, those things men just hate to talk about? She'd be down for a thorough convo because she knows that's the only way relationships can survive.

Ugh, isn't our hypothetical girlfriend just the best?!

4. She'd answer our phone calls and texts

The thought alone has us on the verge of tears. Just imagine a world where you hear "hey gorgeous" on the other end of the cell instead of a voicemail tone. Just. Imagine.

Please give us a moment and a tissue; we're clearly getting emotional over here.

5. Every night out would be "ladies night"

You won't ever be put in that tricky predicament of choosing either a date with your boyfriend or a ladies night out. You and your gal can both throw on freakum dresses and dance the night away.

Here's an added perk: she'll hold your hair back while you're throwing up your excessive shots of tequila. We mean... it really doesn't get any better.

6. She'll watch "The Notebook" with us a million times

Ryan Gosling. 'Nuff said.

7. She would cook our favourite meals

Mmm... Lasagna.

8. She'd understand the importance of quality time

Sometimes it's really nice to enjoy each other's company without the disturbance of technology, work, or endless jaunts to the gym. Girlfriends know exactly what we mean.

9. She'd love Beyoncé as much as we do

We all have that one celebrity we'd swap sides for (or at least strongly consider), and Beyoncé fits the bill. Just look at her. Hey, Mrs. Carter!

10. She feels our pain when it's that time of the month...literally

Because men often think we need to "suck it up" or "it can't be that bad." Girlfriends on the other hand, they know the anguish all too well.

11. She'd just "get" us

When it comes to genders, things can sometimes get lost in translation. We girls just get each other. At times, a simple stare and "right?" is enough to get the message across, even when we're flipping out about the nuttiest things. It's miraculous, really.

12. She would clean

Do you smell that? It's the fragrance of freshly washed clothes and a squeaky clean apartment. Do you know who made all that possible? The best girlfriend in the world, that's who.

13. You can share clothes and shoes

It's like winning the lottery, except sooo much better.

14. We can suggest doing cheesy things like this...

And she would be SO up for it, leaving everyone else jelly of how perfect we are together.

15. She'd be super supportive

She'd always be your biggest cheerleader when you're making power moves in your career. While a successful woman can sometimes pose a threat to the fragile ego of men, your girl would more likely feel inspired.

16. Pretty much everything in this video


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Cliche Wynter
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