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13 Rom-coms That Totally Lied to Us About Life and Love

by Stephanie Ashley ,
13 Rom-coms That Totally Lied to Us About Life and Love© Paramount Pictures

What girl doesn't love a night in with a glass of wine and a good romantic comedy (cheesy as it may sound)? However sweet and heartwarming rom-coms are, there are some that just get the facts of life completely wrong. Whatever you do, do not base your love life on these movies!


Rom-coms allow us to imagine a love life that involves great things. Romantic gestures, picturesque holidays, hot men and sex scenes that evolve without a hitch. Love is a whole different ball game when it's made in Hollywood. With perfect twists of fate (including no down-there emergency hair situations to sort when the couple finally get it together) things always seem to work out, no matter how unlikely the situation.

Frankly, rom-coms have kinda screwed us over. Literally, when did someone ever turn up at our front door with a bunch of handwritten cards telling us they were in love (Thanks Love Actually), or had someone sing 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' in front of the whole world? Seriously? When do we get our rom com moment in real life?

Truth is, we don't. And these films are to blame for our sky high romantic expectations, that reality just can't keep up with. Sigh...

There's Something About Mary


You can't go back and redo the past, though movies like this one definitely make you think you can. Also, a guy lying and tricking you is not some grand romantic gesture; it's creepy.

10 Things I Hate About You


Speaking of grand romantic gestures, every woman wishes her own personal Heath Ledger would serenade her in public and announce undying love alongside a marching band. But no, it's never happening. Sorry, ladies.

Notting Hill


This is a love at first sight story, and like most of those, it is completely ridiculous. You know that dream of running into a celebrity like Ryan Gosling at the coffee shop and him falling madly in love with you is just that, right? A dream. Sigh.

Bridget Jones's Diary


Bridget Jones gives us the age-old story of Mr. Darcy (and yes, that's actually her love interest's name). First, if a man has been nothing but rude to you and professes that he despises everything about you, he's probably NOT falling in love with you. This isn't kindergarten. Also, no one, man or woman, is likely to change their career path for you unless there is a ring involved.

Love Actually


Where to begin with this one. First off, from what we know of men, they communicate in simple means (which we women usually over-complicate, honestly). So, your guy's not very likely to come to your doorstep on Christmas with a set of poster cards that read like a love poem.

What Women Want


Men being able to hear women's internal voices is definitely the stuff of movies, but wouldn't it be great if men actually did know what women really wanted? In reality, we try hard to get our guys to understand us, but it makes no difference if he just won't listen.

Pretty Woman


Someone please tell us, in what world does the prostitute land the billionaire? Life just doesn't work this way. Ever. There is no romance that will pick you up and automatically make you a princess....unless you're Kate Middleton.

The Wedding Date


On the other side of that coin, if you're paying a guy to go out on a date with you, chances are he probably won't turn out to be your one true love. Also, if you repeatedly sleep with your fiance's best friend, you're probably not getting married. Just saying.

Knocked Up


That pot-smoking guy living off $900 that you had that one night stand with? He probably won't make an outstanding father to your unexpected bun in the oven.

Something Borrowed


Starting out a relationship based on cheating, lies and losing friends is probably not the best option. First off, if you're crushing on your friend's man, tell her. Running around behind her back is a big no-no. If somehow, like Rachel and Dex, you do end up together, remember this: once a cheater, always a cheater.

Maid in Manhattan


We seriously WISH this one could come true. Who doesn't want a Cinderella story? Alas, ladies, we can't rely on a rich romantic partner to pull us out of whatever we're going through. Or on friends who can randomly pull evening gowns and diamonds out of thin air.

Never Been Kissed


Almost everyone wishes they could go back and redo their high school years, but unlike Josie, we don't get that chance. YOLO! And let's be real: if that guy (ahem, teacher) fell in love with her when he honestly thought she was in high school, don't you think it's a bit creepy?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


No girl (no matter how hot, sweet, smart, or funny she is) could pull off the things Kate Hudson does in this movie and still land the guy. Would you put up with all that?

What Rom-Com film gave you unrealistic expectations about love?? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Stephanie Ashley
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