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Ultra Sparkle Diamond Polish

by Anna-Belle Woollcott ,
Ultra Sparkle Diamond Polish

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Ultra Sparkle Diamond Polish review

Cost: £95
Time: 45-60minutes

A cheaper teeth whitening option with Ultra Sparkle Diamond Polish

I'm lucky enough to have fairly light coloured teeth naturally. Dentists have a colour scale they use to determine how white your teeth are and I'm told mine are at the top end of what can be achieved naturally.

Nevertheless the years I've spent knocking back endless cups of tea and glasses (bottles) of red wine, and the few misguided cigarettes I may have smoked (sorry Mum) have taken their toll so these days they aren't as sparkly as they could be.

As I'm getting married at the end of the summer, I'm keen to have a glittering smile for the big day. I don't want a full on Hollywood day-glo look, I'd like people to be able to look at me without needing protective glasses. I'm also not too keen on breaking the bank in the pursuit of a gleaming grin.

The Sparkle Diamond Polish is perfect for me because it's a salon treatment that can lighten my teeth by up to shades without any chemical bleaching. Plus it's only £95 - a significant saving on a cosmetic whitening treatment. Essentially the Sparkle Diamond Polish is a deep clean, a more extensive version of a standard hygiene treatment.

My dental hygienist Benji Blum talks me through what will happen and dazzles me with talk of super powered jets to de-scale my teeth and two sorts of polish paste, one which has actual diamond particles.

The process will remove the usual tartar and plaque but will go a step further and could significantly reduce staining. Blum uses a pen cam to photograph my teeth and shows me on the big screen the extent of the damage.

It's not pretty but then close ups of your dentals rarely are... I hunker down in the comfy chair and he gets to work with the hook of evil... I'm not sure what this tool is called but dentists use it to remove plaque and inflict pain.

If only I'd flossed more. Blum explains why I've got tartar and plaque build up and what I can do to avoid it in the future. Once he's convinced my teeth are as clean as they can be he gets to work with the polishing tool, using it to smother my teeth with gritty paste that removes stains but doesn't damage my teeth.

I wash this out with water and it's round three. The diamond polish is the final stage and it's this that gives my mouth a wonderfully sparkly... errrr polished look. The results are subtle but brilliant.

My teeth are definitely a little whiter, a lot brighter and they actually are gleaming and shiny. It doesn't hurt (apart from the odd twinge as the worst of the plaque and tartar is removed from the gum line) and it's fast. It's all over in under an hour.

I love that there is no downtime either, my teeth aren't sensitive afterwards and if anything they feel stronger.

My teeth feel smooth and lovely even a week later. I think I'm perhaps a shade lighter but as I said my teeth are naturally quite white anyway.

Someone with more staining could definitely benefit for an Ultra Sparkle Diamond Polish. I love this treatment and I'm tempted to have another the week before my wedding!

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Anna-Belle Woollcott
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