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The Ultimate Mid Length Hairstyles

by Charlotte Hoddge ,
The Ultimate Mid Length Hairstyles
Mid length, medium long, in between or growing out - whatever you call these hairstyles, they've got one thing in common: style.

Not only are these mid length hairstyles low maintenance, they're also super trendy. Right now everyone is rocking the chop, so if you're tempted to try a shorter look, or are just trying to style your grown out crop into something respectable, we've collated the best mid length looks to inspire you.

These styles work on all hair colours and textures and are beyond easy to style. Sounds like a hair dream, right?

Celebs are all over the mid length this season and are rocking mid styles in varying degrees - some to their shoulders, some a bit past their armpits! Not too short, not too long... the possibilities are endless.

A mid length hairstyle is the ultimate way to update your look right now - and much less scary than a full-on crop.

Be inspired by some of our favourites!

By Teddi Ginsberg on May 12, 2014

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