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Natalie Portman hairstyle: Luscious low key locks

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Award winning actress Natalie Portman is a total babe on and off screen. She's an animal rights activist with a degree from Harvard, plus she’s an amazing actress and a yummy mummy. But also, if we’re allowed to be trivial for a few moments, her hair is pretty awesome too!

While she isn’t known for the latest cuts and cutting edge do’s, she has experimented with colour and cut for her craft - recently going blonde for a new film role - and has even shaved her head for acting too - is there no look she can't pull off?

Natalie Portman's hair is usually a mass of gorgeous brown, super healthy hair with plenty of natural curl and shine. Let's face it, it always looks picture perfect.

So prepare to get green eyed, and click on for Portman hair envy..

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