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Amanda Seyfried hair: Lustrous long locks

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Amanda Seyfried hair: Lustrous long locks
Amanda Seyfried's long blonde hair regularly gets us green eyed. It always looks perfectly primed, without looking overdone.

She’s been blessed with big, beautiful eyes and a heart-shaped face which means when it comes to hairstyles, anything goes.

The on-screen stunner has been known to leave her tresses completely unstyled – being as they are bouncy and brilliant by nature.

It’s never been so easy to treat you to a hairspiration edit because whether she’s wearing her hair up or down, curly or straight she’s never less than perfect.

The Amanda 'do is all about volume and finish, without it you’ll never own that signature Seyfried style. A centre or deep side part is usually her starting point, complete with a high shine gloss and plenty of volume from root to tip.

She’s got those thicker-than-average Kate Middleton layers which can be styled into sultry flicks, mermaid waves, premiere curls and beyond.

Get Amanda’s look with a few handy beauty buys to get your hair buzzing from the very first wash. Invest in some Seyfried style volumizing shampoo and conditioner, shine spray and serum and don’t be afraid to check in with your hairdresser every six-eight weeks to keep those ends in check.

Yep - those scissors hold the key to happy, healthy hair.

So here you go, Amanda Seyfried's beautiful hair in all its glory...

Updated on: 23rd August 2013 by Lareese Craig

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