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Celebrities with big hair: Bouffant hairspiration

by the editorial team ,
Celebrities with big hair: Bouffant hairspiration
Cheryl Cole’s mantra is ‘the higher the hair the closer you are to heaven’ so we’re turning to the celeb A-listers to help us get big angelic locks down pat.

Try a Solange-inspired ‘fro or a beautiful bouffant a la Drew Barrymore for a fast-track pass to voluminous tresses.

From backcombed updos to tumbling curls, out of control barnets and big bad blow-dries, when you're famous you can really let it go to your head.

We've rounded up the most OMG big hair moments from some of our most loved celeb ladies, so if you want some volume in your 'do you only need look at this lovely lot for some root-tastic inspiration.

Be warned though - while bigger is usually better - sometimes it's hard to live down a misinformed big hair day. You want your hair to say retro icon alert, not bedraggled wild woman.

So whether you're ready to throw the flat irons to the wind and get your volume moving on up, or just want to admire the larger than life hairstyles of these famous faces, check out our edit and dare to go large with your barnet.

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