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Break up makeover: Re-style showdowns

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Break up makeover: Re-style showdowns
Heartbreak, mind games, bitter Twitter fights and Facebook dumps, we’ve all been through bad break-ups.

But it's not all doom and gloom. One good thing about a break-up is the make-up. And we're not talking about ex-sex.

A break-over or break-up makeover is the first thing you wanna do to reclaim your single self - and we're not the only ones doing it.

There's a whole host of celebs who've changed their style post split. Whether they've chucked in their man and their hair extensions or traded their old hair colour for a feisty new one, showing the world you're back in business starts with a statement new look.

We’ve scoured celeb land high and low for the most inspiring break-over looks from Katy Perry’s out there blue rinse to Jennifer Lawrence's colour and cut experiments.

Get ready to wash that man right out of your hair with our break-up makeover edit.

Cue the scissor happy singletons…

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