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Hairstyles for growing out hair: Celebrity inspiration

by Charlotte Hoddge ,
Hairstyles for growing out hair: Celebrity inspiration

Growing out your hair can be a tough time for your tresses with those awkward inbetweeny lengths and bothersome bangs.

But fear not, there’s plenty of celeb cover ups to steal, from Emma Watson and her faux bob to Anne Hathaway and her sleek freak do.

Tugging at your roots a la Miley Cyrus and tilting your head in a bid for longer locks will only make your head hurt so don’t go rushing your regrowth.

Sit back and enjoy your nearly-there style because before you know it your Rapunzel ends will be back.

You don’t have to have a buzz cut like Jessie J or a pixie cut like Anne Hathaway to be inspired by these celebrity hairdos. You might have a bob, bangs or face-shaping layers that need a halfway pick-me-up to refresh your look.

Before you lose all willpower and take to the scissors to trim your gangly lengths or tidy your misshapen bob consider the blade-free alternatives.

You’ll be surprised what a handful of bobby pins, lacquer and cute hair accessories can do for rebellious tendrils.

We got chatting to celebrity stylist and co-founder of Lockonego Ben Cooke and award-winning hairdresser Ken Picton for the best tips in the business.

We’ve got the looks that will make the growing out game a little easier to play. ..

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