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Autumn/winter 2013-14: Beauty and make-up trends

by the editorial team Published on 16 June 2015
Autumn/winter 2013-14: Beauty and make-up trends

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Catwalk beauty trends don't always translate easily to real life routine but autumn/winter 2013-14 saw some real style-worthy steals.

This edit is full of flawless make-up and beauty we can't wait to try, from peachy peepers to dainty doll lashes.

Prepare your pores for the high fashion makeover you'll actually wear. From smudgy eyeliner on the lower lashes to amped up wet look lips and mascara free lashes, there's a trend to suit everyone.

If you're an all out pout gal get investing in a dewy lipgloss or a high pigment lippy for that vinyl shine effect or if you're a less-is-more kind of girl go for an apricot glow this winter.

Cara Delevingne's power brow is going nowhere this season, quelle surprise! Big bushy arches ruled the runway roost and the more unkempt, ungroomed and unruly the better. It's time to go brow boho.

The textures from autumn/winter trends crept into the beauty charts with feathery mohair-like lashes and leather look lips - this is where the world of fashion and beauty really do collide.

Polished and perfect just ain't cutting it girls so roughen up those edges and colour outside the lines - we dare you.

Time for your new make-up education.

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- Published on 16 June 2015