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Side swept bangs: The hottest hairstyles

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Side swept bangs: The hottest hairstyles
Bangs are never out of fashion - whether you’re going for a full frontal chop, a delicate wispy 'do or a swooping side bang, having a border to your hairstyle is an easy way to keep things fresh.

This season we’re seeing the re-emergence of the sweep-to-the-side-style bang but with an awesome twist - the side swept faux.

That’s right ladies, you don't have to get the scissors out to create a bangtastic new look.

Whether you have a thick swooping fringe or overgrown tresses, fake it till you make it baby, because bangs have never looked more fab.

Long, short, straight or curly - anyone can pull off an oh-so-chic bang hairstyle and that’s why we adore them - they're flattering to the max.

Ready to try bangs for yourself? Check out our edit of side sweeping beauties. From au naturel to side sweeping faux fringes, here's our edit of celebrity styles that will have you looking bangtastic in no time!

Updated by Vivian Kelly on September 25th 2013

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