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Date night hairstyles: Romantic tresses

by Charlotte Hoddge ,
Date night hairstyles: Romantic tresses

A first date can be nerve-wracking enough without the added hair hassle so why not swat up on the most lovey dovey styles to avoid any risk of killing the romance.

You've already reeled him in with your charm and chat so now it's time to wow him with your love-me locks.

Twirling your tresses over dinner, fingers through you hair whilst watching a film or flirting beneath your bangs over cocktails, these matchmaker manes give you one less thing to worry about. Any extra time to check out his tooshie has got to be a major plus!

You can't go OTT with a prom style do but go too nonchalant and you'll run the risk of looking undone in all the wrong ways.

Fear not, Cupid's got this all under control - check out our pick of the best 'dos for dates...

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Charlotte Hoddge